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1.start () method to start a thread, which really implements multithreading, without waiting for the Run method body code to complete and proceed directly to the following code:
Start a thread by invoking the start () method of the thread class.
This thread is in the ready state,
And not run.
This thread class then invokes method run () to complete its operation.
Here the method run () is called the thread body,
It contains the contents of this thread to be executed,
The Run method runs the end,
This thread terminates,
While the CPU is running another thread,

The () method is invoked as a normal method, whether the program will execute sequentially or wait until the Run method body completes execution before proceeding to the following code:
And if you use the Run method directly,
It's just a call to a method,
There's still only the main thread in the program--this one,
Its program execution path is still only one line,
This does not achieve the purpose of writing threads.
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