Java time interval issues for use in Android

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Suppose we get a piece of audio when we do the project, and we know the length of the audio, then we want to do some processing of the audio, we often have to do the time loop to judge before the processing action.

Known: Audio length, and the following four conditions are also given
Retry Duration = Audio length x0.7 + 30 seconds
First retry: Retry time length x 0.15
Second retry: Retry time length x 0.5
Third retry: Retry time length x 1

We can use the following two code to achieve the known conditions:

Private int[] Getretryintervaltimes (FinalContext Context,Final intduration) {    //Retry Duration = Audio length x0.7 + 30 seconds    Final intRetrymaxtime = Duration * Getresvalue (context, plus)/+ getresvalue (context, 30); //First retry: Retry time length x 0.15//Second retry: Retry time length x 0.5//Third retry: Retry time length x 1    return New int[]{            0, (Retrymaxtime* Getresvalue (context, 15)/100) * 1000, (Retrymaxtime* Getresvalue (context, 50)/100) * 1000, (Retrymaxtime* Getresvalue (context, 100)/100) * 1000    };}
Private int getresvalue (finalfinalint  resId) {    return  Integer.parseint (context.getstring (ResId));}

The execution of the circular judgment, generally is Retry3 times, if not through the processing, three times within, that implementation passed, then began to do processing. The following code can be used to implement:

Private voidInitmethod () {Final int[] Retryintervaltimemillis =Getretryintervaltimes (Getapplicationcontext (), integer audio length); Final Long[] Executetimes = {0, 0, 0, 0}; LongStarttimemillis = 0; //Retry three times     for(inti = 0; I < 4; i++) {        Try {            if(I > 0) {                LongWaittimemillis = Executetimes[i]-System.currenttimemillis (); Date Executetime=NewDate (Executetimes[i]); String Plantime= String.Format (Locale.chinese, "%tf|%tt.%tl", Executetime, Executetime, executetime); LOG.D ("", "<" + i + "> Plan:" + Plantime + ", Wait:" + (Waittimemillis > 0?) waittimemillis:0) + "MS"); if(Waittimemillis > 0) {thread.sleep (waittimemillis); }} Starttimemillis=System.currenttimemillis (); } Catch(interruptedexception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } finally {            if(i = = 0) {                //start of retry time = Confirmation of the first completion time                Final LongRetrystarttimemillis =System.currenttimemillis (); //Retry schedule Start time = Retry time start + retry each time intervalEXECUTETIMES[1] = Retrystarttimemillis + retryintervaltimemillis[1]; executetimes[2] = Retrystarttimemillis + retryintervaltimemillis[2]; executetimes[3] = Retrystarttimemillis + retryintervaltimemillis[3]; } log.d ("", "<" + i + "> [FINISH]. Process time: "+ (System.currenttimemillis ()-Starttimemillis) +" MS "); }    }}

These are the Java time interval issues that are used in Android.

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Java time interval issues for use in Android

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