Java Web Webroot and webcontent directories

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Webroot and webcontent are the root folders of the program, no essential differences, the two are common and different points:

Common: There is a Web-inf folder, the next file is not directly accessible;

Web-inf is a secure directory, so-called security, that is, the user client can not access, only the server-side access. If you want to access it directly in the page, you need to map the file you want to access via Web. Xml.

Web-inf in addition to Web. XML, there is also a classes folder that places *.class files, class libraries,

It also has the Lib directory;

Different points:

Webroot is the Web project structure in MyEclipse, which adds support for some open source frameworks (struts,hibernate, etc.), meaning that Web project is a project that has been expanded by MyEclipse;

Web project has the characteristics of Dynamic Web project, and has some easy-to-develop integration functions;

WebContent is the Dynamic Web project structure under eclipse;

Both changes, please see the Pit series.

When a Web project is published to Tomcat, the build project in Eclipse is the WebContent directory

The name of the project directory generated in MyEclipse is called Webroot, so if you import the MyEclipse project into eclipse, what modifications do you need to make to deploy the project to Tomcat? Just one of the following

1. Right click on Project--attribute--add

Add Webroot directory, delete webcontent

Java Web Webroot and webcontent directories

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