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FileName: Myzip.java

import java.io.*;

import java.util.*;

import java.util.zip.*;


* <p>title: Document compression and decompression </p>

* <p>description: Use Zipinputstream and zipoutputstream to file

* and directory for compression and decompression processing </p>

* <p>copyright:copyright (c) 2003</p>

* <p>Filename:myZip.java</p>

* @version 1.0


public class myzip{


*<br> Method Description: The implementation of file compression processing

*<br> input parameters: string[] FS compressed file array

*<br> return type:


public void Zipfiles (string[] fs) {


String fileName = fs[0];

FileOutputStream f =

New FileOutputStream (filename+ ". zip");

//Using output stream checking

Checkedoutputstream cs =

New Checkedoutputstream (F,new Adler32 ());

//Declaration output Zip stream

Zipoutputstream out =

New Zipoutputstream (New Bufferedoutputstream (CS));

//write a note

out.setcomment ("A test of Java zipping");

//compression of multiple files

for (int i=1;i<fs.length;i++) {

System.out.println ("Write file" +fs[i]);

BufferedReader in =

New BufferedReader (

new FileReader (Fs[i]);

Out.putnextentry (New ZipEntry (fs[i));

int C;

while ((C=in.read ())!=-1)

Out.write (c);

In.close ();


//Turn off output stream

Out.close ();

System.out.println ("Checksum::" +cs.getchecksum (). GetValue ());

}catch (Exception e) {

System.err.println (e);




*<br> Method Description: Extract zip file

*<br> input parameter: String filename extract zip file name

*<br> return type:


public void Unzipfile (String fileName) {


System.out.println ("Read zip file ...");

//File input stream

FileInputStream fi =

New FileInputStream (filename+ ". zip");

//Input flow check

checkedinputstream CSI = new Checkedinputstream (fi,new Adler32 ());

//input stream compression

Zipinputstream in2 =

New Zipinputstream (

New Bufferedinputstream (CSI));

zipentry ze;

System.out.println ("Checksum::" +csi.getchecksum (). GetValue ());

//Extract All Files

while ((Ze = in2.getnextentry ())!=null) {

System.out.println ("Reading file" +ze);

int x;

while ((x= in2.read ())!=-1)

//Here is the write file, write is output in byte.

System.out.write (x);


In2.close ();

}catch (Exception e) {

System.err.println (e);




*<br> Method Description: Read the zip file list

*<br> input parameter: String filename zip file name

*<br> return type: Vector file list


public Vector listfile (String fileName) {


string[] Arst=null;

vector vtemp = new vector ();

//zip File Object

ZipFile ZF = new ZipFile (filename+ ". zip");

Enumeration E = Zf.entries ();

while (e.hasmoreelements ()) {

zipentry ze2 = (zipentry) e.nextelement ();

System.out.println ("File:" +ze2);

vtemp.addelement (ZE2);


return vtemp;

}catch (Exception e) {

System.err.println (e);

return null;




*<br> Method Description: Main method

*<br> input Parameters:

*<br> return type:


public static void Main (string[] args) {


String fileName = args[0];

myzip myzip = new Myzip ();

myzip.zipfiles (args);

Myzip.unzipfile (fileName);

Vector dd = myzip.listfile (fileName);

System.out.println ("File List:" +DD);

}catch (Exception e) {

E.printstacktrace ();




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