Javaee--bos Logistics Project 14:linux Deployment (Installation of JDK, Tomcat, MySQL) and extended data

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1 Learn Plan

1.Linux Deployment

n installing the JDK

n installing Tomcat

n Install MySQL

n publish the project to Tomcat

2. Extended Data

2 Linux Deployment 2.1 Installing the JDK

First step: Get JDK installation packages in Linux systems

Step Two: connect to the server using the SECURECRT client tool

Step three: Create a directory with the command as the installation directory for the software

Fourth Step: upload the jdk installation package from the local Windows system to the Linux system

Fifth Step: Unpack the JDK package

Sixth Step: Configure the JDK environment variables in the/etc/profile file

Vim After opening the file,G to the end of the file,gg in the file header

Seventh Step: Reload The profile file

2.2 installing tomcat

Step One: upload the local Tomcat installation package to the Linux system

Step Two: Unzip the Tomcat installation package

Step three: start the server with Tomcat's startup script

Fourth Step: View Tomcat 's boot log

Fifth step: Turn off the firewall

2.3 Install MySQL

First step: Use the yum list mysql* (all the MySQL installation packages are listed )

Second step: Install yum install mysql* with commands

2.4 publish the project to Tomcat

The first step: The MySQL database server creates the bos32 database and user, and authorizes the user

Step Two: remote connection MySQL Database, import the Bos Project related tables

% is a remote connection, there is % Local connection also need to add IP address

remotely connect to MySQL database using software , remember to shut down the firewall

Step three: export a war package using eclipse

Fourth Step: Use the tool to upload the war package to Tomcat in Linux

Fifth Step: Use the command to start Tomcat

TIPS: View process conflicts can be used with the JPS command.

    JPS ( Java Virtual machine Process Status Tool) JDK 1.5 Provides a display of all current java process pid command, simple and practical, very suitable in linux/unix platform for a simple look at the current java Some simple cases of the process.

kill-9 command, the signal sent by the system to the corresponding program is SIGKILL, that is, exit. the exit signal is not blocked by the system, so the kill-9 can kill the process successfully.

Sixth step: Use the command to view the Tomcat boot log ,tail –F to view the log information in real time.


3 Extended Data

Codemachine: Code generator.

ExtJS Front end: Front end frame.

Itext PDF: For exporting PDFs.

Jfreechart Report chart: Similar to Highcharts, but older, long ago used.

Javaee--bos Logistics Project 14:linux Deployment (Installation of JDK, Tomcat, MySQL) and extended data

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