Javascripit Implement password strength detection code sharing

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  This article mainly introduces the javascripit to achieve password strength detection, we refer to the use of the bar

  Code as follows: <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <html xmlns=" ">   <head>     <meta http-equiv=" Content-type "content=" text/html; charset=gb2312 "/>     <title>         password strength test     </title>   & nbsp <style type= "Text/css" >         body{font:12px/1.5 Arial; width:150px;font-family:arial;border:1px         solid #ccc;p adding:3px;} input.correct{border:1px solid Green; input.error{border:1px         solid red; #tips {float:left; margin:2px 0 0 20px;} #tips span{float:left;width:50px;height:20px;color: #fff; Overflow:hidden;background: #ccc; margin-right:2px; Line-height:20px;text-align:center;}         #tips. S1. Active{background: #f30;} #tips. s2 active{background: #fc0;}#tips. S3        . Active{background: #cc0} #tips. S4 active{background: #090;}     </ style>     <script type= "Text/javascript" >         window.onload = function () {&NB Sp           var otips = document.getElementById ("Tips");             var oinput = document.getelementsbytagname ("input") [0];             var aspan = Otips.getelementsbytagname ("span");             var aStr = ["Weak", "medium", "strong", "very good"];             var i = 0;               Oinput.onkeyup = Oinput.onfocus = Oinput.onblur = function () {  &NB Sp             var index = Checkstrong (this.value);                 This.classname = index? "Correct": "Error";               &NBSP Otips.classname = "s" + index;                 for (i = 0; i < aspan.length; i++) Aspan[i].classname = Aspan[i ].innerhtml = "";                 Index && (aspan[index-1].classname = "active", Aspan[ind ex-1].innerhtml = astr[index-1])            }        };        /** strength rule             +----------------------------------------- --------------+             1) any combination of less than 6 characters, weak; the same character combination of any number of characters, weak;         &N Bsp   2 character combination of any number of characters, in             3) 12-digit characters below the three-or four-character combinations, strong;         & nbsp   4 12-bit characters above the three-or four-class character combinations, very good.             +-------------------------------------------------------+     &NBSP ;       **/       //Detection secretCode strength         function Checkstrong (svalue) {            var modes = 0; &n Bsp           if (Svalue.length < 6) return modes;             if (/d/.test (svalue)) modes++; Digital             if (/[a-z]/.test (svalue)) modes++; lowercase             if (/[a-z]/.test (svalue)) modes++; Capital               if (/w/.test (svalue)) modes++; Special characters             switch (modes) {            Case 1:                 return 1;                 break;             Case 2:                 2             Case 3:             Case 4:     &nbsp           return Svalue.length < 12? 3:4                 break;                     {    </script> </head> &nbs P <body>     <input type= "password" value= "maxlength=" "/>     <div id=" Tips "> &nb Sp       <span></span>         <span></span>         <span></span>         <span></span>     </div> </b ody>   </html>  
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