JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition). Nicholas.c.zakas. Scanned version. pdf

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Introduction to content editing this book starts with JavaScript from the earliest Netscape browser, and until now it has specific support for XML and Web services, primarily in terms of the language features of JavaScript, the interaction of JavaScript with the browser, More advanced JavaScript techniques, as well as issues related to deploying JavaScript solutions in Web applications, such as error handling, debugging, security, optimization/obfuscation, XML, and Web services, finally introduce the application of all this knowledge to create dynamic user interfaces. This book is suitable for developers with certain programming experience to read, but also can be used as teaching materials for relevant professional courses in universities.[1]Author Profile editor Nicholas C.zakas world-renowned JavaScript experts and web developers. Nicholas has extensive experience in web development and interface design, has been involved in the development of web solutions for many of the world's largest companies, and has collaborated with others in the preparation of the best-selling Ajax advanced programming.[1]Directory editing 1th chapter JavaScript What is 1.1 history brief 1.2 JavaScript Implementation 1.3 Summary 2nd Chapter ECMAScript Foundation. 2.1 Syntax 2.2 variable 2.3 keyword 2.4 reserved word 2.5 original value and reference value 2.6 original Type 2.7 Conversion 2.8 Reference type 2.9 operator 2.10 Statement 2.11 Function 2.12 Summary 3rd Object Foundation 3.1 Object-oriented term 3.2 object apply 3.3 Object type : Local object 3.4 Scope 3.5 defining class or object 3.6 modifying Object 3.7 Summary 4th Inheritance 4.1 Inheritance mechanism instance 4.2 inheritance mechanism implementation 4.3 Other inheritance Methods 4.4 Summary 5th chapter JavaScript in Browser 6th Chapter DOM Foundation 7th Chapter Regular Expression 8th chapter detection Browser and operating system Chapter 9th event 10th Advanced DOM Technology 11th chapter forms and Data Integrity 12th Table Sort 13th Chapter Drag and drop 14th Chapter error handling 15th Chapter XML 16th chapter Client-Server communication 17th Chapter Web Services 18th Chapter Interacting with plugins Chapter 19th deployment Issues Chapter 20th Future index of JavaScript[2]

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JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition). Nicholas.c.zakas. Scanned version. pdf

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