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SetTimeout ()//timer, execute code only once

Cleartimeout ()//Clear Demo

SETINTERVLA ()//timer, execute code at specified time interval

Clearinterval ()//Clear Timer

Number of window.history.length//visited history pages

Window.history.forward ()//Previous page

Window.history.back (); Next page

Window.history.go (-1); Jump to a page that has been visited, negative value to jump backward

document.referrer//need to put two files on the server to get the desired results, if you get an empty string directly in the local folder, If you enter a b.html URL address directly in the browser's address bar or use the Open menu to access b.html, the Document.referrer value is an empty string.
Window.moveby//by is the relative meaning (from the original position)

Window.moveto//to is the absolute meaning (as a whole)

Window.moveto//Adjust the window size to the specified width and height.

Window.resizeby//Increase the window size or decrease the specified width and height

Window.screenleft/window.screenx//Distance to the left of the screen

Window.screentop/window.screeny//distance from top of screen


browser window Location:
IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera all provide support for window.screenleft and Window.screentop, but Firxfox does not support the two attributes;
Firxfox, Chrome, Safari, Opera all provide support for Window.screenx and Window.screeny, but IE does not support the two attributes;

Document.body.offsetheight/document.body.clientheight//Content height (body height)
Window.innerheight//chorm under Use
Document.documentElement.clientHeught//browser's visual height
Document.documentElement.scrollHeight//Content height (height of HTML)
Height of document.documentElement.scrollTop//scroll bar scrolling a new window
Window.close//Close window
Window.defaultstatus/window. Status/status bar information
Note: Window.status gets the temporary value given by the script. Window.defaultstatus gets the default value.

Document.lastmodified//Returns the last time the document was modified
Document.referrer//Return URL of previous location in browser history
Document.title//Returns the text displayed within the title tag in the current page
Document. URL//Return URL of current page
document.anchors[0].innerhtml//The contents of the first anchor point within the page
Location.reload (FALSE)//This method forces the browser to refresh the current page
Navigator.appcodename//stating the code name of the browser
Navigator.appvirson//Returns the platform and version information of the browser. The property is a read-only string
Eval//Can process a section of JS code represented by a string

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