JavaScript code improver Chinese Language Pack

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Set the followingCodeSave as Chinese. LNG, and MasterProgramThe jsci.exe file is placed in the same directory. The English is not very good. Please forgive me for the poor translation.

Apptitle = JavaScript code improver-Chinese Language Pack by kimsoft
Loadbutton = load (& L)
Savebutton = save (& S)
Runbutton = run (& R)
Closebutton = close (& C)
Optionsbutton = set (& O)
Export agebutton = select a Language Pack (& L)
Insertnewlinebracket = insert a row before the Arc
Opennotepad = open in Notepad
Runafterdrop = run immediately after the file is dragged
Insertspaces = space
Inserttabs = Tab
Inputfilename = input JS File Name:
Outputfilename = output JS File Name:
Options = settings:
Extraoptions = Advanced Settings:
Language = language: Chinese
Insertbracketstyle = Insert the arc style:
Insert = insert:
Selectlanguage = language:
Identnumber = Quantity:
Identcounterrormsg = the number of spaces must be between 0 and 8.
Needopenfileerrormsg = You need to specify the input file for analysis and processing % s
Needsavefileerrormsg = You need to specify the output file to save the output result % s
Fileopenerrormsg = An error occurred while opening the file: % s
Filesaveerrormsg = An error occurred while saving the file: % s
Overwritefilemsg = the file % s already exists. Overwrite it?
Savefilefailmsg = file % s cannot be saved!
Execnotpadfailmsg = An error occurred while opening notepad
Comfirmexitmsg = Do you really want to exit?
Analysedfile = Analyzing file: % s
Filewillbesaved = file % s will be saved
Cancelcaption = exit (& C)
Cancelledprocessmsg = the user cancels the analysis File
Currentline = current row: % d
Nosriptfoundmsg = No <SCRIPT> tag is issued in file % S.
Unknownfileerrormsg = file % s is an unrecognized type
Filemask = htm, HTML or JS file (*. htm ,*. HTML ,*. JS) | *. htm ;*. HTML ;*. JS | all files (*. *) | *. * |
Filelanmask = language file (*. lng) | *. lng | all files (*. *) | *. * |

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