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Why not use textarea?

1 not highlighted

2. The tab key is unavailable. -- Press the tab key to switch to the next control.

3. No code for formatting. -- Because you are used to the Eclipse environment, you can use ctrl + shift + F to format the code.

Of course, I am not strong enough to realize it myself, and I can think of someone else with my toes.

After a difficult search, I finally found a project named EditArea on SourceForge. Http://

Its sample is also clear

Construct a Web page using the following methods:

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:
<Script language = "Javascript" type = "text/javascript" src = "../edit_area/edit_area_full.js"> </script>
<Script language = "Javascript" type = "text/javascript">
// Initialisation
EditAreaLoader. init ({
Id: "example_1" // id of the textarea to transform
, Start_highlight: true // if start with highlight
, Allow_resize: "both"
, Allow_toggle: true
, Word_wrap: true
, Language: "zh" // internationalized
, Syntax: "js" // code style, supporting js, php, SQL,
// The following are supported formats.
, Begin_toolbar: "btn_beautifier, |" // insert Toolbar
, Plugins: "beautifier" // use the control

You can see the code edit box on the page.


It can solve the first and second problems, but it can also solve them.

Find this website again: /. This website provides a js formatting tool that can even be used to format the JavaScript code obfuscated by a obfuscator.

So I integrated these two things according to the plug-in specifications in the above project. Look at the button shown in the figure above. After you press it, it becomes

Check, highlight, and format.


Download the plug-in that already contains the code format:

For an example, see \ exemples \ example.html.

The formatted plugin is implemented in \ edit_area \ plugins \ beautifier. js.

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