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One, the parent window invokes the iframe child window method
1, HTML syntax: <iframe name= "MyFrame" src= "child.html" ></iframe>
2, Parent window Call Child window: Myframe.window.functionname ();
3, sub-window products call the parent window: Parent.functionname ();
Simply put, a parent is added before a variable or function that is called in a child window. On line
4, the parent window page source code:
Copy Code as follows:
<script Type= "text/web Effects" >
function Say () {
Alert ("parent.html------>i ' m at Parent.html");
Function Callchild ()
//document.frames ("MyFrame"). F1 ();
Myframe.window.say ();
<input Type=button value= "invoke functions in Child.html say ()" Onclick= "Callchild ()" >
<iframe name= "MyFrame" src= "child.html" ></iframe>
& Lt;/html>

5, child window page:
Copy code code as follows:
<script type= "Text/javascript" >
function Say ()
Alert ("Child.html--->i ' m at Child.html");
function Callparent () {
Parent.say ();
<input Type=button value= "invoke say () function in parent.html" onclick= "Callparent ()" >

Two, the iframe parent window and the child window mutually calls the method
1, ie in the use of methods:
Parent window Call Child window: Iframe_id.iframe_document_object.object_attribute = Attribute_value
Example: onclick= "iframe_text.myh1.innertext= ' ';"
child window Call Parent window: Parent.parent_document_object.object_attribute = Attribute_value
Example: onclick= "parent.myh1.innertext= ' ';"
2, Firefox use methods:
Above in IE no problem, but under Firefox is not normal. Under Firefox, it should be the following calling method:
Parent window Call Child window: window.frames["iframe_id"].document.getelementbyid ("Iframe_document_object"). Object_attribute = Attribute_value
Example: window.frames["Iframe_text"].document.getelementbyid ("Myh1"). innerhtml= "Http://";
child window calls the parent window: Parent.document.getelementbyid ("Parent_document_object"). Object_attribute = Attribute_value
Example: Parent.document.getelementbyid ("Myh1"). innerHTML = "Http://";
3, The complete example
Copy code code as follows:
<title> test Page </title>
<script src= "Prototype-1.4.0.js" ></script>
<script language= "JavaScript" >
Function Show ()
window.frames["Iframe_text"].document.getelementbyid ("Myh1"). innerHTML = "Http://";
<iframe height= "width=" src= "iframe_test.htm" name= "Iframe_text" ></iframe>
<form action= "" method= "POST" >
<input name= "haha" id= "haha" type= "text" maxlength= "" value= "haha"/>
<textarea cols= "rows=" 5 "id=" Getattributemethod "></textarea>
<input type= "button" onclick= "Show ();" value= "Submit"/>
&LT;H1 id= "Myh1" >d</body>

Copies code code as follows:
<!doctype HTML Public "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http://www.w3.or G/tr/xhtml1/dtd/xhtml1-transitional.dtd ">
<meta http-equiv= "Content-type content=" text/html; charset=gb2312 "/>
<title> Untitled Document </ Title>
<script language= "javascript" >
function Show ()
{ Telementbyid ("Myh1"). innerHTML = Http://;

<form action= "" method= "POST" >
<input name= "abc" id= "abc" type= "Text" maxlength= "" value= "abc"/>
<textarea C ols= "rows=" id= "text" ></textarea>
<input type= "button" value= "Submit" onclick= " Show (); " />

Test.htm inside Firefox to access the IFRAME must use name, cannot use ID, so change to Name= "Iframe_test". (
Third, how to dynamically change the SRC value of the IFRAME in C #, dynamically pointing to a Web page
1 If it is a JavaScript script
add an ID to the IFRAME such as <iframe id=frmlist ...
in script write
2) If it is a daemon
add an ID to the IFRAME plus runat=server such as <iframe id= Frmlist Runat=server ...
Write in program
Frmlist.attributes.add ("src", strnewurl);

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