JavaScript implements the method of executing code passing parameters to SetTimeout

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The SetTimeout function is the most critical function for implementing dynamic effects in JavaScript. But yesterday when I wrote the code, I found that when the first argument is a function call, you cannot pass arguments to the called function. This is really a very serious problem, I have been troubleshooting for a long time to find the problem, waste more than n times ah.

Later on the Internet to check, this is actually a bug in IE. There are many solutions, of which I think the most cow is to rewrite the settimeout function ... This is too much trouble. A very simple method is recommended here. Just add the function{} keyword to the function you want to call.

1 2 3 4 function ShowMsg (x,y) {} settimeout (Funtion () {showmsg (x,y)},1000);

This makes it easy to solve the problem of not being able to pass the parameter.

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