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Since JavaScript is OOP programming, there must be a concept of inheritance. Internet search a bit, more chaotic, here I do a summary.

There are roughly three ways:

1, Apply/call, can not inherit the prototype;

2, prototype, the parent constructor has parameters when it loses the meaning of inheritance, it becomes a new object;

3, Apply/call and prototype mixed use.

Among them, the most common is the third, the code is as follows:

function A () {
    A.prototype.name= "Jack";
    function B () {
        a.apply (this);//Inherit A's own property
        this.sex= "Remale";
    B.prototype = Object.create (A.prototype);//very critical, create an empty object to inherit the prototype of the parent class to ensure that the parent class is not modified
    //b.prototype = a.prototype;//must not write this, Writing this will change the value of the attribute on the parent prototype.
    B.prototype.constructor = b;//This sentence has no effect on the structure, just to inherit the consistency of the structure, otherwise the construtor points to a.
    var b = new B ();
    Alert ("An attribute on the archetype of a:" +b.name);
    Alert ("A's own property:" +b.age);
    Alert ("B's Own property:" +b.sex);
The previous two methods have problems, do not paste, attached link: http://blog.csdn.net/kkkkkxiaofei/article/details/46474069

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