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  Page Dynamic display time changes in a number of ways, this article for you to use JavaScript specific implementation, interested friends do not miss

The code is as follows: <html>  <head>  <title></title>    <script>  function Getdatedemo () { /*   //Declaration time   var date = new Date ();  alert (date);/Current time   alert ( Date.tolocalestring ())//Convert to local time   alert (date.getfullyear ());//Show Year   alert (Date.getmonth () + 1);//Show Month 0-11, you need to add 1  alert (Date.getdate ()),//display January date   alert (Date.getday ()),//show the date of the week, Weeks   alert ( Date.gethours ())//Get hour time   alert (date.getminutes ());//get Current minute   alert (date.getseconds ());//get current number of seconds   Alert (Date.getmilliseconds ());//Get the current number of milliseconds   alert (date.gettime ());//Get the millisecond value from 0 o'clock midnight, January 1, 1970, to the current time   */  Get year, month, day, hour, minute, second   var mydate = new Date ();  var years = Mydate.getfullyear ();  var month = Mydate.getmonth ( + 1;  var date = mydate.getdate ();  var hours = mydate.gethours ();  var minutes = mydate.getminutes (); &nb Sp var seconds = mydate.getseconds ();   //month display as two digits as September   if (Month < 10 ) {  month = "0" + month; }  if (date <) {  date = "0" + date; }   //Time stitching   var dateTime = year + "years" + month + "Month" + Date + "Day" + Hours + "time" + minutes + "min" + seconds + "SEC";   //docume Nt.write (dateTime)//print current time     var divnode = document.getElementById ("Time");  divnode.innerhtml = datetime;   }  window.setinterval ("Getdatedemo ()", 1000);//Every 1 seconds, call Getdatedemo ()   </script >  </head>  <body>  <div id= "Time" ></div>  </body>  </ html> 
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