JavaScript Project Building Tools Grunt Practice: Install and create project frameworks

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Grunt is a task-based JavaScript Project Command-line build tool that runs on the node. JS platform. Grunt can quickly create projects from templates, merge, compress and validate CSS & JS files, run unit tests, and start a static server.


Installing Grunt

It is recommended that Windows users use the Git Shell for command-line operations. Git Shell is installed automatically when you install the Windows desktop version of GitHub.

GitHub for windows:

Grunt is running in the node. JS Environment, assuming you already have node. js and NPM installed.

1 npm install grunt

For ease of operation, you can configure the global installation with parameter-G:

1 npm install -g grunt


Create a project framework

After installing Grunt, you can start to create the project, Grunt built the following four basic project templates:

  gruntfile, create the command:

1 grunt init:gruntfile

  Commonjs, create the command:

1 grunt init:commonjs

  jquery, creating commands:

1 grunt init:jquery

  node, create the command:

1 grunt init:node

Today we are creating a jquery project and writing a jquery plugin example. Now GitHub creates a sample warehouse Gruntdemo, then uses the desktop tool to clone to the local, enter the repository directory in the Git Shell, enter the grunt init:jquery command to create, and if the current location already exists, there may be a hint like this:


If you need to overwrite, this time you need to use the--forece parameter:

1 grunt init:jquery--force

When you create a project, you need to fill in some basic information about the project, such as the project name, description, warehouse address, author information (the following items have default content), and so on:


OK, the project has been created successfully! The following is the directory structure of the project:


and the contents and format of the file are also generated:


Then you can write the plug-in code. The JQuery plugin code framework provided by Grunt is as follows:

12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728 /* * GruntDemo * * * Copyright (c) 2013 BlueSky * Licensed under the MIT license. */(function($) {  // Collection method.  $.fn.awesome = function() {    returnthis.each(function() {      $(this).html(‘awesome‘);    });  };  // Static method.  $.awesome = function() {    return‘awesome‘;  };  // Custom selector.  $.expr[‘:‘].awesome = function(elem) {    returnelem.textContent.indexOf(‘awesome‘) >= 0;  };}(jQuery));

The corresponding Qunit test code and page are also generated:

1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738 /*global QUnit:false, module:false, test:false, asyncTest:false, expect:false*//*global start:false, stop:false ok:false, equal:false, notEqual:false, deepEqual:false*//*global notDeepEqual:false, strictEqual:false, notStrictEqual:false, raises:false*/(function($) {   module(‘jQuery#awesome‘, {    setup: function() {      this.elems = $(‘#qunit-fixture‘).children();    }  });  test(‘is chainable‘, 1, function() {    // Not a bad test to run on collection methods.    strictEqual(this.elems.awesome(), this.elems, ‘should be chaninable‘);  });  test(‘is awesome‘, 1, function() {    strictEqual(this.elems.awesome().text(), ‘awesomeawesomeawesome‘‘should be thoroughly awesome‘);  });  module(‘jQuery.awesome‘);  test(‘is awesome‘, 1, function() {    strictEqual($.awesome(), ‘awesome‘‘should be thoroughly awesome‘);  });  module(‘:awesome selector‘, {    setup: function() {      this.elems = $(‘#qunit-fixture‘).children();    }  });  test(‘is awesome‘, 1, function() {    // Use deepEqual & .get() when comparing jQuery objects.    deepEqual(this.elems.filter(‘:awesome‘).get(), this.elems.last().get(), ‘knows awesome when it sees it‘);  });}(jQuery));


JavaScript Project Building Tools Grunt Practice: Install and create project frameworks

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