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With the popularization of JS, we can get to the JS book is too much, but in my opinion only a few JS books can provide enough new enough interesting content. The following is what I have seen, I think it is worth recommending to everyone:

JavaScript Advanced Programming Nicholas Zakas

In addition to the one written by Nicolas, I have never seen another instinct to speak the language of JavaScript so well, so JavaScript advanced programming is still on the list of required readings. As I said before, both beginners and developers who want to check out the API can find what they need from this book. This version has not included the contents of ES6, but I think the next version of the estimate will be written.

JavaScript design mode Addy Osmani

It is indisputable that good design patterns are used to write high-maintainability code. But it's a challenge to find a scene that can actually design patterns. There is so much noise in the internet world that it would be great if someone who really knew something in a certain field could publish his view of that field. That's why I recommend this book. Addy is not only a very good writer, he is also one of the most outstanding front-end developers, now working in the Google Chrome team, his work is all day and JS deal with. This book can be said to be the export of the fruits of his work.

Best of all, this book is licensed as a Creative Commons Commons license, meaning you can read both its free electronic version and the paper version.

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming principle Nicholas Zakas

One of the problems that JS developers can't avoid is JS object-oriented programming. JS is not a traditional class-based language, unlike Java or C # in the design of the first need to take into account the problem of code encapsulation. Nicholas once again wrote a concise book to talk about the object-oriented problem of JS. However, this book is not suitable for beginners, it is for JS to have their own understanding of the developer or/and the object-oriented programming to think about developers. Still, this book should be added to your book list.

DOM Enlightenment Cody Lindley

In browser-based development, if you want to do something useful, do not confine yourself to manipulating the DOM. Instead of using libraries like jquery to manipulate the DOM, it is useful to actually understand how the DOM works. Cody This book is a professor of how to use native JS to manipulate DOM elements. This book can be considered a cookbook, you do not need to follow the directory to learn, you can directly see the specific chapters. The book also offers a free online version, or you can buy a paper copy.

node. js in Action multiple authors

Service-side applications based on node. JS have been widely used by top companies in the industry, and PayPal has fully integrated node. js into their production systems. The technology that emerged from the jsconf two years ago has now evolved into a service-side technology that unifies the front-end language. By reading this book, your node. JS level can be improved, and the book is written by some of the best developers in the industry. One of the authors, T.j.holowaychuk, is the author of the node. JS Framework Express. If you want to learn node. js, use this book.

Third-party JavaScript Ben vinegar and Anton Kovalyov

The sites we visit now often have embedded scripts that provide users with a wide variety of interactions. Login buttons, social media parts, or some analysis, these third-party scripts can increase the attractiveness of your site. Do you want to know the details of using these scripts? "Third-party JavaScript" is the only book I can find that speaks about the use of inline scripting. Make your site interesting and improve usability with third-party scripting. Ben is now working in Disqus, Anton is in Mozilla but he is also a member of the Disqus team. Disqus provides a very similar service to their customers, allowing them to embed a multi-function commenting feature within their site. These two can be said to be experts using third-party JavaScript.


In the past year, I carefully reviewed my blog collection list, made some adjustments to better receive JS knowledge. Here is a blog that I think can provide developers with the best JS knowledge:


Axel Rauschmayer hope to be able to divide the JS language into a good understanding of the module, his blog is clearly in the discussion of some of the use of the language, explaining the principle of JS and its main points. You can learn a lot from his blog.


Dailyjs is still on the list, combining frameworks and snippets to let readers know what the latest frameworks are and how to use them.

Nicholas Zakas

The above mentioned two books written by Nicholas, his blog is also in the list. In Nicholas's blog you can see what he's doing in-depth, as well as his introduction to ES6 and demo.

JavaScript Weekly

New things come and go, I am very happy to recommend JS weekly to you. Peter Cooper not only keeps the weekly push, but the quality is as good as ever.

JS English Weekly, Bole headlines JavaScript topic has been in follow-up excerpts. )

Node Weekly

This is another weekly project for Peter Cooper, which focuses on node. js. Like JavaScript Weekly, read node Weekly and be a node. js master.

Addy Osmani

Although Addy is no longer frequently updating his blog, he has written so well that I still decide to include his blog in this list. As long as Addy keep writing, you will not be disappointed.

Ben Nadel

Ben is a low-key developer who just wants to do his job and share his experience with everyone. The point is that he is also a genius developer and writes a lot of great blogs about JavaScript. Ben has recently been addicted to Angularjs, and he has used the framework to its fullest in his entrepreneurial projects, and readers can learn from his blog post the application of ANGULARJS in actual projects.


Don't be fooled by this name, Html5rocks said not only HTML5, you can also find a lot of JavaScript tutorial. You need to use JavaScript to get the most out of HTML5, and you can see a lot of good authors writing articles (including Google Chrome team).


Once you open the SUPERHEROJS, you will be shocked by its artistic sense. I always think of Dick Tracy's comic book. In this, you will be immersed in a variety of JS technology.


I still have a preference for tuts+, and there are a lot of great writers on tuts who contribute awesome content. If you don't read the content on the tuts+, I'm afraid I won't feel it.

Beyond the books

If books and blogs don't meet your needs, and you want to write code, there are now thousands of online and offline courses to choose from:

tuts+ Courses

From building JavaScript Web applications to skilled use of angular, from front-end to full stack, tuts+ 's courses are growing, and I believe there's always something to meet you.

Khan Academy ' s computer programming curriculum

The author of jquery, John Resig, is the dean of Computer science at Khan Academy, where he can be sure that there will be a lot of JS content in his teaching program. Although there are not many courses available, you can start with a free course.


Since Codecademy adopted the interactive teaching model, and using JS as the basic teaching language, it is simply a big outbreak. Now you can learn more languages, but JS and jquery are still the most recommended learning, they are free!

This is a community-driven website that you can use to speed up the learning of node through the Nodeschool courses. It also features a node school that is maintained by global developers in the real world. If you want to visit the site, you can check out the list of events.

JavaScript Jabber

If you're a podcast-like person, JavaScript jabber is for you, and JS Jabber occasionally invites the industry's top figures to discuss the hot topics.

Ask for help

This list hasn't changed a lot because you know it's not easy to find a reliable JS support resource.


I still think you can find the best answer to the JS question on jsmentors. The community has the rules to ensure the user experience and to avoid bad treatment for developers. Of course, so provides a great answer, but you have to review the answer very carefully, so the contributors are too many, you have to pay attention to those high-quality answers.


As you can see, the list changed a lot compared to last year because there are many new and desirable resources in the JS world, and there are new factors affecting the world. Best of all, if you are a JS developer or want to do something for the world, with JS slowly become the common language of web development, can do more and more things.

JavaScript Resource Equipment

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