Javase Basic AWT button after clicking the buttons to output text in the console

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Li Wu:
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Os:windows7 x64
Ide:eclipse Oxygen Release (4.7.0)


Package Blog.jizuiku2;import Java.awt.button;import Java.awt.flowlayout;import java.awt.frame;import Java.awt.event.actionevent;import java.awt.event.actionlistener;/** * Left click button to print text in console simple example * *  @author Jizuiku * @ Version V17.09.29 */public class Buttondemo {public static void main (string[] args) {frame f = new Frame ();//Set form size int WI DTH = 300;int height = 400;f.setsize (width, height);//Create button object, add text button b = New button ("I am a button."); B.setsize (10, 30);//Click the button B.addactionlistener (new ActionListener () {@Overridepublic void actionperformed (ActionEvent e) {//TODO auto-generated method StubSystem.out.println ("click button");}); /Use flow layout f.setlayout (new FlowLayout ());//Add button to form f.add (b);//Set form visible f.setvisible (TRUE);}}


Click the button

Java is good, worth learning.
Learning resources: Itcast and Itheima Video library. If you have public resources, can share to me, with your resources to learn can also
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Javase Basic AWT button after clicking the buttons to output text in the console

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