JavaSE8 base File LastModified Gets the modified date of the folder

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Os:windows7 x64
Ide:eclipse Oxygen Release (4.7.0)


From this you can see the modified date of the Test folder.


Package Jizuiku0;import;import java.text.simpledateformat;import;/* * @version V17.09 * * public class Filetimedemo {public static void main (string[] args) {String pathname = "c:\\users\\administrator\\desktop\\ javase8\\ Test Folder "; File File = new file (pathname), long msvalue = File.lastmodified (),//Gets the millisecond value Date d = new Date (msvalue),//This different time zone, Times is the difference Format of solution-SimpleDateFormat SDF = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm") in win7 format; System.out.println ("Modified:" +sdf.format (d));}}


Java is good, worth learning.
Learning resources: Itcast and Itheima Video library. If you have public resources, can share to me, with your resources to learn also can.
Blog post is to watch the video, into thinking written. It's good that the teacher speaks well. Blog bad, is to give the most bitter not serious.

JavaSE8 base File LastModified Gets the modified date of the folder

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