Javaweb background to distinguish between mobile phone or computer login

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This project needs to go to the user's device to jump page, I put the home page in a blank page, let this blank page automatically submit the form, in the background action will invoke the tool class tool class code:package com.util;import  Description information unique to Javax.servlet.http.httpservletrequest;public class gethttp {/** wap gateway via header information  * /private static string mobilegatewayheaders[] = new string[] {  "ZXWAP" ,//  ZTE provides Via information for WAP gateways, such as: Via=zxwap// gatewayzte// technologies, "",//  China Mobile's Nokia WAP Gateway, such as:via=wtp/1.1//  (Nokia// wap gateway  4.1 cd1/ecd13_d/4.1.04) "",//  the gateway to the mobile dream network, such as:via=wtp/1.1//  (nokia wap// gateway 4.1 cd1/ecd13_e/4.1.05) " Infox ",//  the WAP gateways provided by Huawei, such as:via=http/1.1 gdgz-ps-gw011-wap2  (infox-wisg// huawei  Technologies), or via=infox wap gateway v300r001// huawei technologies "XMS  724SOLUTIONS&NBSP;HTG ",//  foreign telecom operators of WAP Gateway, do not know which one" "Bytemobile",//  the head information that is simulated when testing itself,//  seems to be a solution to mobile internet to improve the efficiency of network operation, for example: via=1.1 bytemobile osn//  WebProxy/5.1};/**  user-agent keywords  */private static String[]  for IE or Firefox browser on your computer pcheaders = new string[] {  "windows 98", "Windows me",  "Windows  ", " Windows xp ", " windows nt ", " Ubuntu " };/**  Mobile browser user-agent keywords  */private static String[] mobileUserAgents = new String[] {  " Nokia ",// , there are Shanzhai machine also write this, is also a mobile phone,mozilla/5.0//  (nokia5800// xpressmusic) Uc// applewebkit ( Like// gecko)// safari/530 "Samsung",//  Samsung phone// samsung-gt-b7722/1.0+shp/vpp/r5+dolfin/1.5+ nextreaming+smm-mms/1.2.0+profile/midp-2.1+configuration/cldc-1.1 "MIDP-2",// j2me2.0,mozilla/5.0  ( symbianos/9.3; u; series60/3.2// nokiae75-1 /110.48.125 profile/midp-2.1//  configuration/cldc-1.1 ) &nbsP applewebkit/413  (Khtml like// gecko)  safari/413 "CLDC1.1",//&NBSP;M600/MIDP2.0/CLDC1.1/ screen-240x320 "SymbianOS",//  Saipan system, "MAUI",//&NBSP;MTK Cottage default ua "untrusted/1.0",//  suspected copycat UA, basic can be determined or mobile " Windows ce ",// windows ce,mozilla/4.0  (compatible; msie 6.0;// windows  ce; iemobile 7.11) "IPhone",// iphone also turn WAP? Whatever it is, differentiate it first. mozilla/5.0  (iphone; u; cpu// iphone os 4_1 like mac os x; &NBSP;ZH-CN)  AppleWebKit/532.9//  (Khtml like gecko)  mobile/8b117 "IPad",//  IPad's ua,mozilla/5.0  (ipad; u; cpu os 3_2 like mac os x;//  ZH-CN)  AppleWebKit/531.21.10  (Khtml like gecko)// version/4.0.4 mobile/7b367  safari/531.21.10 "Android",// android also turn WAP? mozilla/5.0  (linux; u; android// 2.1-update1; zh-cn; xt800 build/tita_m2_ 16.22.7)//&NBsp applewebkit/530.17  (Khtml like gecko)  version/4.0// mobile safari/530.17 " BlackBerry ",// blackberry8310/" UCWEB ",// ucweb only give WAP page?  nokia5800// xpressmusic/ucweb7.5.0.66/50/999 "UCWeb",//  lowercase ucweb appears to be a proxy server for UC mozilla/6.0  ( compatible; msie 6.0;)// opera ucweb-squid "BREW",//  very strange UA, for example: rew-applet/0x20068888   (BREW/;&NBSP;DEVICEID://&NBSP;40105;&NBSP;LANG:&NBSP;ZHCN)  ucweb-squid "J2ME",//  very weird UA , only J2ME four letters "Yulong",//  yulong phone, yulong-coolpadn68/10.14 ipanel/2.0 ctc/1.0 "Yulong",//  or Yu-long " Coolpad ",//  Yulong Cool faction yl-coolpads100/08.10.s100 polaris/2.9 ctc/1.0" Tianyu ",//  Tian language mobile phone Tianyu-ktouch /v209/midp2.0/cldc1.1/screen-240x320 "ty-",//  Tian, ty-f6229/701116_6215_v0230 jupitor/2.2 ctc/1.0 " K-touch ",//  or heavenly language k-touch_n2200_cmcc/tbg110022_1223_v0801 mtk/6223// release/30.07.2008  browser/wap2.0 "Haier",//  Haier mobile phone, haier-hg-m217_cmcc/3.0 release/12.1.2007// browser/wap2.0 "Dopod",//  Phone "Lenovo",//  Lenovo mobile phone, Lenovo-P650WG/ s100 lmp/lml release/2010.02.22// profile/midp2.0 configuration/cldc1.1 "LENOVO",//  Lenovo mobile phone, such as: lenovo-p780/176a "Huaqin",//  China Qin mobile phone "aigo-",//  Patriot actually also out of the cell phone, aigo-800c/2.04 tmss-browser/1.0.0  ctc/1.0 "ctc/1.0",//  meaning Unknown "ctc/2.0",//  meaning Unknown "CMCC",//  Mobile Custom mobile phone, k-touch_n2200_cmcc/tbg110022_ 1223_v0801 mtk/6223// release/30.07.2008 browser/wap2.0 "Daxian",//  big display mobile phone daxian x180  up. browser/ (GUI)  mmp/2.0 "mot-",//  Motorola, mot-motorokre6/1.0 linuxos/2.4.20 release/ 8.4.2006// browser/opera8.00 profile/midp2.0 configuration/cldc1.1// software/r533_g_ 11.10.54R "SonyEricsson",//  sony Ericsson Mobile,sonyericssonp990i/r100 mozilla/4.0//  (Compatible; msie  6.0; symbian os; 405) &NBSP;OPERA//&NBSP;8.65&NBSP;[ZH-CN] "GIONEE",//  Phone "HTC",// &NBSP;HTC mobile Phone "ZTE",// ZTE Mobile, Zte-a211/p109a2v1.0.0/wap2.0 profile "Huawei",// , "WebOS",// palm Mobile,mozilla/5.0  ( WEBOS/1.4.5;&NBSP;U;&NBSP;ZH-CN)// applewebkit/532.2  (Khtml like gecko)  Version/1.0//  safari/532.2 pre/1.0 "Gobrowser",// 3g gobrowser.user-agent=nokia5230/gobrowser/2.0.290//  safari "Iemobile",// windows ce mobile phone with browser, "WAP2.0"//  support wap 2.0};/** *  According to the characteristics of the current request, determine whether the request is from the phone terminal, the main detection of special header information, and user-agent this header *  *  @param  request *             http Request  *  @return   If a phone signature rule is hit, the corresponding feature string  */public static boolean ismobiledevice (httpservletrequest  Request)  {boolean b = false;boolean pcflag = false;boolean mobileflag  = false; String via = request.getheader ("via"); System.out.println (VIA); String useragent = request.getheAder ("User-agent"); System.out.println (useragent);for  (int i = 0; via != null &&  !via.trim (). Equals ("") && i < mobilegatewayheaders.length; i++)  {if   (Via.contains (mobilegatewayheaders[i))  {mobileflag = true;break;}} for  (int i = 0; !mobileflag && useragent != null& & !useragent.trim (). Equals ("")  && i < mobileuseragents.length; i+ +)  {if  (Useragent.contains (mobileuseragents[i))  {mobileflag = true;break;}} for  (Int i = 0; useragent != null && !useragent.trim (). Equals ("") && i < pcheaders.length; i++)  {if  (Useragent.contains ( Pcheaders[i])  {pcflag = true;break;}} if  (Mobileflag == true && pcflag == false)  {b&Nbsp;= true;} Return b;// false pc true shouji}} and in the action call, I did this: httpservletrequest request  = servletactioncontext.getrequest (); Boolean b = gethttp.ismobiledevice (Request); System.out.println ("this device type is: "  + b+  "   (true is  means telephone, other means pc or pad);if  (B.equals (true))  { return  "MOBISUCC";}  elsereturn  "PCSUCC";}

Javaweb background to distinguish between mobile phone or computer login

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