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Goal: Jbpm-side Processdesigner is an independent designer based on Flex technology. The goal is to enable program developers to model business processes based on them, while business people can also be based on it for simple modeling and modification, such as modifying the order of nodes, participants, and other operations. In addition, the Jbpm-side Processdesigner is highly configurable and can be adapted quickly when the process defines scheme changes. That is, it is independent of the specific process definition language and can be modeled on JPDL, XPDL, and BPEL. The core of Jbpm-side Processdesigner's data is XML.

Functional planning:

First, graphic modeling

Supports the process model with one by one of the graphical elements, supporting the modeling of the process through graphical elements. The process model and the graphical elements are converted to each other through XML. Graphics modeling, supporting the drag, positioning, copying, pasting of graphic elements, support shortcut key operations, such as Do/undo, delete.

Ii. adaptation and import of process participants

Support for importing process participants when process modeling is in progress. Select the participant when you are manually participating in the node definition. Local modeling of people/departments/roles to provide the simplest required attributes.

Third, the graphic display and the XML edit switch to each other

Supports the switch between flowchart and XML editing to support the local import and export of XML definitions.

Iv. subcontracting and versioning of processes

Support for process-defined subcontracting and versioning requires server-side support.

V. Server-side remote calls

Before server-side remote calls are supported, Jbpm-side Processdesigner is just an import export model of native XML. Using RESTFUL-WS, the data is passed between the server and the designer based on XML.

Vi. Business-Fit DSL

VII. Authority management of the process

Support for classification Rights management of process definition, different business units have their own administrative rights to the process definition that belongs to them. This feature is independent of jbpm-side Processdesigner, but requires a contract to filter jbpm-side Processdesigner the presentation of the process definition.

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