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In the past 50 years, few people have remembered the women behind the world's first computer ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and computer). As the world's first programmer, they created the software industry. A month ago, Computer History Museum-CHM awarded the lifetime achievement award to one of the world's earliest female programmers, Jean bartik, at Mountain View, google invited Jean bartik to visit the Google campus.

Bob Metcalfe and Linus Torvalds were also awarded. On the evening of the next day, bartik went back to CHM to attend an evening program named her, an evening with Jean Jennings bartik and ENIAC pioneer. More than 400 people participated in the program and shared her story. During the on-site Q & A session, someone asked bartik which company she wanted to visit if she returned to work. bartik blurted out Google. The following is a live video:

Two days later, bartik was invited to visit the Google campus. Along with Ellen spertus, Robin Jeffries, Peter Toole, and Stephen Williams, he watched the Google search scrolling screen and the beach volleyball court.

In the cafeteria, a group of Google employees gathered around bartik and bartik told them the story of the computer pioneers, the brilliant John.
Mauchly and J. presper Eckert, one of the inventors of computing; and creative Betty Holberton and Kay
Mauchly Antonelli was a programming partner and later pioneer in the software industry.

After dinner, bartik visited the Google campus and she visited Google
Programmers can see how they communicate with colleagues around the world through video conferences. 20 years ago, the author discovered ENIAC
Programmers also understand their unknown stories. The author created an ENIAC
Project to record their stories, help them gain world recognition, and make the first documentary about them. More details are available on the website of this project.

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