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The first use is Gae, after the wall into the SAE. Although the SAE is good to use, but PHP is always not familiar with Java.

Wandering on the internet found that jelastic, although the beta, but the function of what is not vague, with very convenient.


1. Register your account first and log in.

2. Get the password from the email and log in.

Click Create Environment. There are 4 containers to choose from, Jetty,glassfish,tomcat 6,tomcat 7. You can also choose between MySQL and NoSQL (you can choose MongoDB to get Couchdb). There are nginx to choose from.

On the right although there is a price calculation, but do not worry, are $. Basically it can be said that jelastic is free, interested in the study can look at its price strategy.

Choose a custom 3-level domain name, and then click Create. Creating an environment takes several minutes.

Now let's build a Hello world. I use NetBeans.

Change the meaning of Index.jsp's words.

The war package is then generated. Upload it to jelastic. Deploy it to just the newly created environment.

OK, access see the effect:

Jelastic can also bind domain names. I applied for a free domain Adding a chame to the Domain name Management Center is fine.

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