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First answer a question: is Jira integrated Jenkins or Jenkins integration Jira. Jenkins can integrate Jira, Jira can also integrate Jenkins. Both of these tools provide the relevant plug-in implementations. This article is to introduce the next Jenkins and Jira integration needs to do which configuration, remember plug-ins are indispensable, and to ensure that the Jira and Jenkins between normal access. Jenkins Jira Plug-in Installation

Here Jenkins mainly installed are: Jira Issue Updater Jira plugin Jira Trigger

Note: The above Jira Plugin for Jenkins plugin is required for Jira and requires download manual upload. Download Address:

Note: Try to download the later version of the comparison.
Jenkins System Configuration Jira Configuration

Note: The configuration here is configured according to the requirements of the plug-in, some of which are not necessary to configure.
Jenkins project configuration after build Jira operations

Note: There are other Jira configuration items, down and carefully studied.
Jira Install Jenkins integration for Jira plugin

Jira configuration applications and Jenkins websites

Add Application:

Add Jenkins:

After adding:

The main here reported an exception warning:

Here is used in front of the Jira Plugin for Jenkins Plug-ins, installed after the upload is not, check the front checkbox can operate:

Jenkins Build deployment Error test

This test can automatically add a problem record to the Jira when the Jenkins build deployment fails. There are some problems with the Jenkins for Jira plugin found in the build process, which reported the following error:

This issue is documented in the Jenkins Web site issue: can refer to. Modify the configuration of the Jira after Jenkins build:

Error problem resolution, but still do not understand why Jira did not create a new issue, it is likely to be less than the point configuration. Jira Bug state change triggers Jenkins build

Principle: Jira uses webhooks connection jenkins,jenkins to get trigger build events via Jira-trigger-plugin. Jira-trigger-plugin Description Configuration

First, let's take a look at jira-trigger-plugin,gitbub: There are 4 steps from which we can roughly know:

Step one: Understand the characteristics of the Jira trigger plug-in

Step Two: Configure Jira Webhooks

Step three: Jenkins global configuration Jira trigger configuration

Step Fourth: Configure Jenkins JOB project build triggers

Jira-trigger-plugin instance Configuration

Below we will configure a issue updated trigger build Webhook.

The first step: Find Webhooks in Jira>system>advance and create

The following are created views:

Step Two: Configure the Jenkins global Jira Trigger

Step Three: Modify the build triggers for Jenkins Job project

The bug status configured here, changed from in progress to done, triggers the Jenkins build.

Step Fourth: Modify the bug state validation to trigger the build

After the above operation is saved, modifying any bug state changed from in progress to Done,jenkins initiates a new build task, as follows console output:

About modified bug Trigger records:

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