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From last year's WPS for Linux message to now, the Linux version of WPS Office after a series of alpha version finally ushered in a beta version. The author is also the first time download installation, WPS text, WPS demonstration and WPS table three components complete presentation. As the old office suites of the Golden Hill WPS finally run on the Linux platform, although to come later, but still very excited, then a simple experience, to see how effective.

▲wps for Linux Suite

Someone asked how to install it? Software Center directly search the "WPS" keyword can be found (of course, this is in the beta source, will soon sync to the extranet).

Open the WPS text to see.

▲ Running Tips

Because of the copyright, WPS does not have the built-in above figure shown in the font, these fonts are mainly used in the formula editor and other gadgets, the normal editing of the document has no effect. You can click on the next "no report", of course, there is a recruit, in the Software Center search "Mscorefonts", find and install, and then open WPS to see if the hint has disappeared!

▲wps text Template Top Recommendation page

WPS provides users with online templates, which is very convenient for those who are busy with official documents. Strange, did not see the year-end summary of the template, I search ...

▲ Template Search

Haha, there really is!

The Linux version of the WPS text program interface with the Windows version of the same, if the user is accustomed to the Windows version of WPS, the start will be pretty fast.

When we integrate Libraoffice into the system, the most depressing thing we can get from enterprise users is the problem of document format, all the Office software under Linux is not perfect compatible with the specific format of Word document, no doubt, this aspect of WPS win, But does not represent full compatibility. LibreOffice, it may be say bye-bye.

WPS demo, our habitual call Ppt,wps's demo is also provided with a rich template for the user's reference. Let's get a close-up.

▲wps Demo

Some people are worried that using this document to do PPT can be used on Microsoft Office suite, the answer is certainly, when you store your demo document, WPS provides the following options for user options.

▲ File Save format

Not just demos, but text processing and tables are compatible with Microsoft's Office document format.

Finally, we look at the wps form, haha, very practical, just opened to see the Year-End Award Analysis table, really with the Times ah.

▲wps table

Written at the end:

In addition to continuing the same experience as the Windows version, more respect for the Linux user-specific usage habits;

Deep compatibility;

Self-founder font set;

Online templates and materials make document authoring easier and more efficient.

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