Joint use of xilinx_ise and Modelsim/issues encountered while booting Modelsim from Xilinx ISE 14.7

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The premise is that Xilinx ise14.7 and Modelsim se 10.1a are installed

1〉 from Start menu in Windows, Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7-〉edk-〉tools-〉compile Simulation Libraries

Follow the prompts to compile the library, compiled library output directory is: D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE_DS\EDK, compile takes a certain amount of time.

2〉 from the Process menu, select Process Properties ..., set compiled Libraey Directory

3〉set the enviroment variables ( solved-failed-to-get-the-pre-compiled-simulation-library/td-p/72635):

-Modelsim environment variable to point to the Modelsim.ini file
-WD_MGC environment variable to the direct Ory containing the Modelsim.ini file
Note: This refers to the installation of the Modelsim.ini software directory under the Modelsim.ini, such as my installation directory is D:\modeltech_10.1a

4〉 copy the following lines in the [Library] section of the \xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edkmodelsim.ini to the [library] sections in \modeltech_10.1a\modelsim.ini

Secureip = D:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/secureip
UniSIM = D:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/unisim
Unimacro = D:\Xilinx \14.7\ise_ds\edk/unimacro
unisims_ver = d:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/unisims_ver
unimacro_ver = D:\Xilinx\ 14.7\ise_ds\edk/unimacro_ver
Simprim = D:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/simprim
simprims_ver = D:\Xilinx\14.7\ISE _ds\edk/simprims_ver
xilinxcorelib = d:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/xilinxcorelib
xilinxcorelib_ver = D:\Xilinx \14.7\ise_ds\edk/xilinxcorelib_ver
uni9000_ver = d:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/uni9000_ver
CPLD = D:\Xilinx\ 14.7\ISE_DS\EDK/CPLD
cpld_ver = d:\xilinx\14.7\ise_ds\edk/cpld_ver

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