JPG format image repair code implemented by Python

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This article mainly introduces the Python implementation of JPG Image repair code, this article directly gives the implementation code, the need for friends can refer to the

Recently, the customer fixes the corrupted JPG write, the effect is also OK, but does not guarantee to apply any circumstance.

If you have damaged photos, you might as well try, if you can use to leave a message for me oh.

The code is as follows:


#!/usr/bin/env Python

__author__ = ' fengxing '

__date__ = ' 2012-1-18 20:13 '

Import Sys

def jpgfix (name):

sig = ' Xffxd8xffxdb '

With open (name, "R") as FD: (Len (SIG), 0)

JPG = ()

pos = Jpg.find (SIG)

If POS < 0:

Raise Exception (' not find signature ')

JPG = Jpg[pos:]

With open (name, "W") as FD: (0, 0)

print ' size is: ', len (jpg)

Fd.write (jpg)

if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':


While True:

Jpgfix (Sys.argv[1])


print ' Done '

The use method is simple, the above code is saved as, and then enter from the command line

The code is as follows:

Python abc.jpg

Abc.jpg is the picture you want to fix (note: Please back up yourself before repairing)

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