JPush Aurora Push handles Android Push in 3 minutes

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On Android, it is not that easy to implement the Push function!

The reason is that GCM, the official Android PUSH Service, cannot be used on domestic mobile phones. Therefore, many Chinese developers have to use the immature open-source solution AndroidPN. Basically, most people who have used it have been tortured by androidpn.

This article uses Aurora Push, a new third-party message Push Service, as an example. You can try the Android Push function in a short time. We hope you will try it again.

Step 1: Visit @ Aurora push official website, create Aurora push developer account

I tried a number of platforms, Aurora is good, it is recommended to be simple, free), you can also try to use other push to build a platform.

Step 2: Create an application

After creating an account, the page for creating an application is displayed. Enter the name of your application and the Android package name.

Step 3: download the application Example

After the application is created, the "Application details" page is displayed. In the lower-right corner of the page, you can see the "Download Application Example" button.

After you click "Download Application Example", you will download a. zip compressed file. After decompression, a directory with the same name is displayed. This directory is an Anddroid project file.

Step 4: Import ExampleAndroid project to Eclipse

In your Eclipse, create a new project and place the project directory in the Example directory that is extracted from the previous step.

Step 5: run the Example application.

After importing the Android project in the previous step, you can right-click it and run the Android Application. If you set automatic compilation in Eclipse)

If your Android phone is connected to your computer, the JPush Example application can be installed and run.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the Network on your mobile phone is available.

Step 6: push notifications

Step 7: receive notification

On the JPush example mobile phone installed in the above steps, you will receive the notification of the push.

You have discovered it smartly. You do not need to write a line of code for the above steps!

Are you sure you can do this in 3 minutes? Hope you like it]

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