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  Dynamic load Select Drop-down box is implemented in a number of ways, and in the following articles, let's show you how jquery is implemented

Title, directly on the code, Combat learning.   Code as follows: <head><title>jquery implementation dynamic load Select Drop-down options </title>  <script type= "Text/javascript" >  function init () {  makemoduleselect (); } //Load template dropdown box options   function Makemoduleselect () {   $.ajax ({  URL: ' indexstatisticsaction_getselect.jsp ',  data: {page: ' clientindexstatistics.jsp ', Method: ' Get_modtitlecode '},  success:function (Result) {  $ ("#makemodule"). Append (Result); } } ); }</script>  </head>  <body onload= "init ()" >  dropdown box <select name= " Makemodule "id=" Makemodule "style= ' width:130px ' onchange= ' makemoduleselected () ' >  <option>------- </option>  </select></body>    When HTML is loaded, the onload attribute is set in the body tag, Then its corresponding JavaScript function will run, and finally to function Makemoduleselect (), and then take a look at this function:    URL properties, similar to the AJAX jump URL, Here I use the same path to the JSP page (indexstatisticsaction_getselect.jsp), the following will show the;  data property, will be the requested parameters, from request to get;  success Properties TableThis jquery Ajax request will be executed after successful return of the code, where the $ ("#makemodule") refers to the Drop-down box.     Below is the Ajax requested URL of the JSP, where the deletion of the JDBC-related packages, the introduction of their own, JDBC is not much to say, according to the need to put the business logic code out.   Code as follows: <%@ page import= "java.util.*"%>  <%@ page import= "java.sql.ResultSet"%>  <%@ page Import= "Java.io.PrintWriter"%>  <%  String userId = (String) session.getattribute ("UserId");  String method = Request.getparameter (' method ');  string frompage = Request.getparameter ("page");  string SQL1 = "Select Modtitlename,modtitlecode from makemodule where UserID = '? userid? ' and modulename_en= '? Modtitlename ";  System.out.println ("---getting select_option from: "+frompage+"----"+ new Date ());   / /Get Template Options   if (Method.equals ("Get_modtitlecode")) {  String sql = Sql1.replace ("? userId?", UserId);  if ( Frompage.equals ("acindexstatistics.jsp")) {  sql = Sql.replace ("? modulename_en?", "Acsta"); }else if ( Frompage.equals ("apindexstatistics.jsp")) {&nbsP sql = Sql.replace ("? modulename_en?", "Apsta"); }else if (frompage.equals ("clientindexstatistics.jsp")) {  sql = Sql.replace ("? modulename_en?", "Terminalsta"); }  System.out.println (SQL);  StringBuffer Rsoption = new StringBuffer ();  db db = new db ();  try {  db.preparequery ();  ResultSet rs = db.execut Equery (SQL);  while (Rs!=null && rs.next ()) {  rsoption.append ("<option value= '" +rs.getstring (" Modtitlecode ") +" ' > "+STRINGOPERATOR.ISO2GB (rs.getstring (" Modtitlename ")) +" </option> "); }  Rs.close (); } catch (Exception e) {  e.printstacktrace (); } finally {  Db.endquery (); }  PrintWriter pout = Response.getwriter ();  pout.write (rsoption.tostring ());  Pout.flush ();  pout.close (); } %>    The SQL statement above will take out two values, respectively, for the display and truth values of the Select Drop-down box, and the set <option> tag postback is OK.  
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