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If you have a set of works, you can display multiple images without having to jump to another page, and you can load the JPG into the target element. Here is an example of the jquery image switching effect:

The core jquery code for the example:

$ (document). Ready (function () {

$ ("H2"). Append (' <em></em> ')

$ (". Thumbs a"). Click (function () {

var Largepath = $ (this). attr ("href");

var Largealt = $ (this). attr ("title");

$ ("#largeImg"). attr ({




$ ("H2 em"). HTML ("(" + Largealt +) ");

return false;



First, add an empty <em> element to H2.

When clicking on the link in <p>

Saves the linked href attribute to the "largepath" variable.

Then save the Caption property to the "Largealt" variable

Replace the SCR property of the with the variable "Largepath" with the variable "Largealt" instead of the Alt property

Sets the contents of EM (in H2) to the value of the variable Largealt.

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