JQuery Foundation's 2014 Annual Report

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JQuery Foundation's 2014 Annual Report

The jQuery foundation allows all WEB developers to create WEB content that can be accessed by all users based on open standards. We can complete this task by supporting open-source software and collaborating with the development community. Open-source projects maintained by the Foundation are a crucial part of this vision.

What have we done?

We have always been world famous for our projects and excellent documents of the same name. Over the past year, the jQuery Foundation has been constantly exploring and providing Web developers with the tools and information they need to help them better complete their work, not just in jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile.

Especially in the past few months, the jQuery Foundation has made great achievements. In March October, we began to maintain the jQuery Mousewheel plug-in. In December, Google transferred their Pointer Events Polyfill (PEP) to the jQuery Foundation. Finally, in August January, we announced the receipt of the Esprima project. A JavaScript parser is used by a large part of development tools. We will continue to develop and maintain these projects, and welcome the Community to contribute to the improvement.

2014 we started the Chassis project to create an open standard for the CSS library. We work with Topcoat, Zurb Foundation, Filament, Cardinal, Famo. us, Yandex, WordPress, Automattic, 10up, 960 grid, Unsemantic, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, Intel App Framework, Cascade CSS, Portland Webworks, Adobe, developers of Hulu and Bootstrap discuss this issue. We hope to find more contributors and community members to discuss exactly what you want from the CSS framework.

Data Statistics for this year

Until today, the jQuery Foundation has 45 open-source Repositories on GitHub, including code and documentation.

If you need obvious evidence that the jQuery foundation project is widely used and is everywhere, you can look at the Content Delivery Network (CDN) on MaxCDN ). There were 2014 requests in 290 billion, with a total of 11 petabytes data. Of course, this is data other than jQuery's local counterparts and CDNs such as Google, Microsoft, or CDNJS. There is no doubt that the total number of 2014 requests exceeds trillion.

Even the best code items cannot be used without good documentation. What Web developers have reported to us is that our documents are not only good, but very good! In 2014, a total of 0.149 billion page views were recorded in the jQuery foundation documents, from 230 countries. All our document pages are provided on GitHub, so developers can post issues and pull requests to improve them. Open source is not only applicable to code, but also for documentation, and can run well!

In addition, last year, the jQuery Foundation hosted 10 conferences worldwide, including Santiago, Chicago, Vienna, Austria, Toronto, Canada, and the University of Oxford. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, not just projects maintained by the jQuery Foundation. The common feature of all meetings is how Web developers can improve development efficiency and develop better products.

Future Planning

This year, we will continue to promote the development of standards based on the needs of Web developers. In this process, the EcmaScript TC39 and W3C we participated in can tell Web developers that, until now, these are mainly controlled by large profitable enterprises and browser makers. At the same time, we intend to increase our participation in Unicode Consortium, increase our investment in Globalize, and make it easier for developers to make the world's common software.

The Esprima we currently maintain highlights another field that can provide Web developers with more help: development tools. This tool optimizes JavaScript, CSS, and HTML processing. Esprima has multiple processes to program, create, modularize, and consume JavaScript, but none of them are suitable for standard setup. There are also a lot of package managers, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we hope to work with developers to narrow down some options and reduce the burden on JavaScript library producers and consumers.

2014 financial information

With the generous donation and support from members and sponsors of the jQuery Foundation, we can organize a series of activities and devote ourselves to our Open Source Business. The most important investment is the development of the jQuery foundation project, and some investment in conference and education.

Thank you

We are very proud to join the jQuery Foundation. Everything is the result of the continuous efforts of team members. We are also very grateful to Web developers who are willing to take the time to report issues, repair documents, and contribute code branches. While improving the jQuery foundation project, it is also improving the development experience of each Web developer.

We are very grateful to the jQuery Foundation members for their support! In the past year, some companies, such as IBM and Famo. us, have participated in some of our work and provided some resources. Thank you very much! Let's do better and better in 2015!

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