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The tagit plug-in of jQuery works well. This plug-in is used today. The following describes the specific usage of this plug-in detail. We recommend it to you here. If you need it, you can refer to it. I. Tagit plug-in Function

Improve website interaction and user experience. There are no other functions. You can replace it with an input text. However, text does not provide the prompt function, but tagit does. Official example:

Tags keywords into a whole. Easy to delete and browse.

Ii. Official Tagit address

The official address provides instructions and examples. You can also choose the use case color. However, the Tagit plug-in uses jqueryui, so the style provided by jqueryui is also compatible. Jqueryui is also a jquery plug-in that provides very functional interface elements. Jqueryui also provides some styles for us to choose. If you want to modify the style of some elements, you can find that it is difficult to modify the style of some elements. Instead, you can change the style of other elements. In some cases, jqueryui plug-ins are provided for free, and of course there are charges. The extension of the tagit plug-in jqueryui.

It is easier to modify the tagit style. In the test, I will simply modify the tagit style, just to demonstrate how to modify it. There are many ways to modify styles. This is only one of them.

Tagit supports event operations, such as before, after, before, and after editing.

Iii. Tagit usage

The use of Tagit is very simple, but there are many referenced files. Because Tagit is an extension of jqueryui, we also need to reference jqueryui and jqueryui styles while referencing jquery. Then add yourself.
1. reference file

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