jquery Mobile page Jump after JS does not execute the problem

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To achieve a seamless customer experience on mobile devices, JQuery Mobile uses AJAX to load a destination link page by default. So when you click a link in a browser to hit a new page, JQuery Mobile receives the link, requests the link page in an AJAX way, and injects the requested content into the DOM of the current page. Also, you need to ensure that the requested page URL is uniquely identified.

The result is that user interaction is always saved on the same page. The contents of the new page are also easily displayed on this page. This smooth customer experience is much better than the traditional way to open a new page and wait a few seconds. When a new page is inserted into the main page as a new data-role= "page" Div, the main page will effectively cache the content that was taken. So that when you want to access a page can be displayed as soon as possible. The work process sounds incredibly complex, but most of us as developers don't need to know the specifics of the work. As long as you can see the effect is OK.

Workaround One:

If you want to run JavaScript while the page is loading, add data-ajax= "false" to the A tag

Workaround Two:

Use JS instead of connection jump <a href= "javascript:location.href ' register.aspx '" data-role= "button" data-inline= "true" Data-theme= "C" > Member registration </a>

Workaround Three:

Put the file you want to load in the Content tab: <div data-role= "Content" >
<script type= "Text/javascript" >
Alert (' OK now ');

jquery Mobile page Jump after JS does not execute the problem

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