JQuery Mobile Tutorial: How components are initialized automatically

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Article Introduction: This article gives us a deep understanding of how components are automatically initialized in the internal design principles of jquery Mobile.

In this article, let's take a deep look at the internal design principles of jquery Mobile. How components are initialized automatically
(Note: The code snippet in the following example is from version 1.1.0)
Many students who have seen the source code or have used jquery mobile students, we have a very big problem:
-------jquery Mobile provides several components, how do they automatically initialize?
!! Key Note: The following similar automatic initialization process is pagecreate triggered after the call, relevant instructions on Pagecreate can see the relevant introduction of my previous

We pick one of the components: ListView

First Look at a flowchart:

SOURCE Example:

#5193 bound inside the Pagecreate $ (document). Bind ("pagecreate create", function (e) { 	//call Enhancewithin, passed an argument: target ( Dom object) 	
1, $.mobile.listview.prototype.enhancewithin
#1203 enhancewith:function (target,usekeepnative) {// 	call This.enhance 	// Note here: Options.initselector will be read to filter the selection 	
2, enhance
1207 Enhance:function (targets,usekeepnative) { 	var $widgetElements = $ (targets); 	 	//...... 	 	$widgetElements = $.mobile.enhanceable ($widgetElements); 	 	Note: The 	widgetname:name 	//conversion to call plug-in 	//$ (selector)//this.widgetname:listview ===> loaded in #979 row [" ListView "] (); 	

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