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Article Introduction: in this article, let's take a look at some of the more important basic events of jquery mobile.

In this article, let's take a look at some of the more important basic events of jquery mobile

1, Mobileinit

You can use it to extend $.mobile or modify the default configuration


<script type= "Text/javascript" >//Mode 1: Binding Mobileinit $ (document). Bind ("Mobileinit", function (e) { 	// Modify Activepageclass 	$.mobile.activepageclass = "custom-ui-page-active";  	Adds a custom attribute 	$.mobile.version_inner = "zhang01";});  Mode 2: Binding Mobileinit $ (document). Bind ("Mobileinit", function (e) { 	///Add a custom attribute 	$.extend ($.mobile,{ 		Activepageclass: "Custom-ui-page-active", 		version_inner: "ZHANG01"; 	}); </script>  //custom scripts need to be <script in front of dependencies src= "Http://www.w3cplus.com/sites/default/files/styles/print_ image/public/jqm/.. /js/jquery.mobile-1.1.0.js "type=" Text/javascript "></script>

1. Binding events on Mobileinit need to be preceded by the introduction of Jquery.mobile.js
2, the expansion of the way there are two kinds of OH

2, $.mobile.loadpage (Url,[options])

Load a page into the current page and automatically enhance it


Bind the Tap Event//Call to the button loadpage, load contact.html $ ("#loadContact"). Live ("Tap", function () { 	$.mobile.loadpage () Contact.html "); });

The default parameters for LoadPage are shown in the figure:

1, loadpage just load into the DOM, will not show

3, $.mobile.changepage (Topage,[options])

Replace current page

Parameter topage: file URL or internal ID


To bind the button tap event $ ("#loadCopyright"). Live ("Tap", function () { 	//Call Changepage, display a page $ already in the DOM ID for copyright. 	Mobile.changepage ("#copyright");  	Call Changepage, display a contact.html 	$.mobile.changepage ("contact.html");

The default parameters for Changepage are shown in the figure:

1, the first parameter of Changepage can make

4, $.mobile.showpageloadingmsg (theme,msgtext,textonly)

Pop-up Alert information

Parameter theme: Topic
Parameter msgtext: Hint copy content
Parameter textonly: whether to show only copy


Bind the button tap event $ ("#showPageLoadingMsg"). Live ("Tap", function () { 	$.mobile.showpageloadingmsg ("E", "custom hint, subject E", true); });
5, $.mobile.hidepageloadingmsg ()

Turn off the hint message


Hidepageloadingmsg $ ("#hidePageLoadingMsg"). Live ("Tap", function () { 	$.mobile.hidepageloadingmsg ();});
6, $.mobile.silentscroll (number)

Vertical scrolling number does not trigger Scrollstart and Scrollstop


Bind the button tap event//silentscroll $ ("#silentScroll"). Live ("Tap", function () { 	$.mobile.silentscroll (300);});
7, scrolling events:

1. Bind Scrollstart event to window:


$ (window). Scrollstart (function (e) { 	var scrolltop = $ (e.target). scrolltop (); 	$ ("#scrollinfo"). Text ("Scrollstart:" +scrolltop);});

2. Bind Scrollstop event to window:


$ (window). Scrollstop (function (e) { 	var scrolltop = $ (e.target). scrolltop (); 	$ ("#scrollinfo"). Text ("Scrollstop:" +scrolltop);});


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