Jquery mobile Web Application Development (2): Development Environment Construction

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The above section describes how to deploy the designed UI as an application to andorid or IOS?

1. manually create native applications

For example, if the iOS app extension is IPA and the android extension is APK, IPA is a native app for iOS and APK is native for Android. In other words, IPA cannot be directly deployed on non-iOS devices, and APK cannot be directly deployed on non-Android devices. Although HTML5 is cross-platform, you can open and view HTML files in different browsers in windows, Linux, and Mac, however, HTML5 applications can run only on a container on each platform. Therefore, the developed HTML5 page must be in the IPA application to run on IOS, the same is true for Android.

The method for developing HTML5 applications on iOS is to use xcode to create an application, place a webview, and use webview as the portal to HTML5 pages.

I have not tried it on Android, so I should adopt a similar method.

2. Use phonegap to generate native applications

The function of phonegap is to take the tedious process of creating the corresponding project by the user in band 1. to generate an iOS application, phonegap automatically creates an xcode project, and a framework with webview is generated. You only need to focus on developing HTML5. To generate an Android app, phonegap automatically creates an Android app. It does not mean that the applications generated by ponegap are cross-platform, but that the same HTML5 page can be automatically generated for different platforms. The purpose is to improve the developer's development and deployment efficiency on different platforms. Developers only need to care about the HTML5 page design.

3. Development Environment

You can use the RID to generate page elements, but you often need to manually modify the page, you can use a text editor, Dreamweaver (under the window) and so on. If it is developed on iOS, you can directly debug it on the simulator or on the real machine through xcode. If it is on Android, you can use eclipse to debug it on a simulator or on a real machine. As we only design HTML5 pages, we can design pages through Dreamweaver and debug them directly on the simulator or on a real machine. This section describes how to use Dreamweaver to develop the android application environment. Http://blog.csdn.net/leikaixin/article/details/7258.pdf describes how to install and develop the environment.

Possible problems in this process:

A. when a simulation program is generated on Android through Dreamweaver, it may not be directly deployed to the android simulator. In this case, you need to go to the toolsdirectory of Android sdkor platform-toolsto find the adb.exe file, and then run ADB install *** in the command line of the corresponding folder ***. APK.

B. if an error is prompted when running the ADB command:
More than one device and emulator, then kill adb.exe in the process, and then run the above command again.

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