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Slides-is a simple, easy-to-customize and stylized jQuery slide plug-in. Slides provides many options, including fading or slide transition effects, image fade-in and fade-out, image pre-pressing, automatic paging, loop, and automatic playback customization. With the Slides plug-in, you can randomly play the Slides and set the set you want to start the Slides. Initialize the plug-in:

Slides is a jQuery-Based Seamless carousel graph plug-in that supports element animation in the graph and allows you to customize the animation type.

$ (". SlideInner "). slide ({slideContainer: $ ('. slideInner A'), effect: 'easeoutcirc', // animation type autoRunTime: 5000, // automatic carousel time slideSpeed: 1000, // speed nav: true, // whether the Left and Right navigation autoRun: true is displayed, // whether to automatically scroll prevBtn: $ ('a. prev'), // The left button nextBtn: $ ('a. next ') // right button });

Compatibility: ie8 +, google, firefox, 360, QQ, oupeng, safi

Html instance:

By default, slides adds the rel attribute on the animation effect element to the element named moveElem in each slider. It sets the corresponding delayed execution time and animation type. add multiple elements at the same time


Github address: https://github.com/727712787/jquery.slides: https://github.com/727712787/jquery.slides/archive/master.zip

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