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1, function.

Syntax: $.cookie (name, value, [option])

(1) Read Cookie value

$.cookie (cookiename) CookieName: The name of the cookie to read.

Example: $.cookie ("username"); Reads the value of the username stored in the cookie named.

(2) Write set cookie value:

$.cookie (Cookiename,cookievalue); CookieName: The cookie name to be set, Cookievalue represents the corresponding value.

Example: $.cookie ("username", "admin"); Write the value "admin" to a cookie named Username cookie.

$.cookie ("username", NULL); Destroying a cookie named username

(3) [option] parameter description:

Expires: A finite date, which can be an integer or a date (in days). This place should also note that if you do not set this thing, the cookie will expire after the browser is closed.

Path:cookie the path to the saved value, which is the same as creating the page path by default.

The Domin:cookie domain Name property, by default, is the same as creating a page domain name. This place should pay considerable attention to the concept of cross-domain, if you want the primary domain two domain name valid, you want to set the ". xxx.com"

Secrue: A Boolean value that indicates whether a security protocol is required when transferring cookie values.


$.cookie ("Like", $ (": radio[checked]"). Val (), {        path: "/", Expiress:7        })


A cookie is essentially a txt literal, so it can only be stored in a string, the object is usually serialized before it can be stored in a cookie, and the object is deserialized before it can be obtained.

$ (function () {            if ($.cookie ("o") = = null) {                var o = {name: "Zhang San", age:24};                var str = json.stringify (o); Serialize into a string and then deposit the cookie                $.cookie ("O", str, {                    expires:7   //Set time, if left blank, the browser closes this cookie expires.)                });                Alert ("Cookie is empty");            }            else {                var str1 = $.cookie ("o");                var O1 = Json.parse (STR1);        The character is deserialized into object                alert (o1.name); The name value of the deserialized object            }        })
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