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Hialert is a jquery based information Tip plug-in that supports three of informational prompts for operational success, failure of operations, and Operation reminders. Hialert browser compatibility is very good, support changes to the content, support positioning the location of the cue box, you can configure plug-in parameters.

Tired of the Internet Explorer Warning window, with a "boom" of fear, it feels as if there is a bad thing coming. And now the browser to the pop-up warning box (alert), Confirmation dialog box (confirm), input box (prompt) display different, this article with the help of the Hialert Plug-ins for your Unified Web Page dialog style.

Hialert Plug-ins are based on jquery.alerts improvements, including several commonly used prompt boxes, but also provides a gradient cue bar effect, pop-up page layer effect, it is currently compatible with the mainstream browser.

How to use

Hialert offers five ways to use it:

1, Hialert

Hialert (Content,title,callback);

The Hialert method provides 3 parameters, content: Contents, Title: Dialog title, Callback: callback function, if not write, such as:


1 Hialert ("Welcome to helloweba.com", "hint");

2, Hiconfirm

Hiconfirm (Content,title,callback);

The Hiconfirm method provides 3 parameters, content: Contents, Title: Dialog title, Callback: callback function, if not write, such as:


1 2 3 Hiconfirm (' Do you confirm this operation? ', ' confirmation box ', function (r) {Hioveralert (' Your feedback is: ' + R '); });

3, Hiprompt

Hiprompt (Content,deinput,title,callback);

Hiconfirm method provides 4 parameters, content: Contents, Deinput: The default value of the input box, Title: dialog box title, Callback: callback function, if nothing, such as:


1 2 3 Hiprompt (' Please fill in: ', ' default ', ' Input box ', function (r) {if (R) Hioveralert (' You fill in the content is ' + r+ ' '); });

4, Hibox

Hibox (Obj,title,w,h,submit,cancel,callback)

The Hibox method provides 7 parameters, obj: A specified Open object (unique to the object), which is the object that is displayed in the dialog box, Title: Title, W: Width, H: Height, submit: The object in the content can be set to "submit" and if there is a callback, Click here to return callback behavior, cancel or close the button object in the dialog box, callback: callback function, such as:


1 Hibox (' #showbox ', ' title ', ', ', ', ', ', '. A_close ');

5, Hioveralert

Hioveralert (content,timeout);

Hioveralert is used to show the effect of information tip bar, similar to the effect of this site article, it provides two parameters, content: Hint content, timeout: Prompt time, the default is 3000, that is 3 seconds. Such as:


1 Hioveralert (' Operation Cue bar information ', 1500);

Always remember to load the jquery library and the Hialert plugin, as well as the corresponding CSS styles when using. You can also modify the CSS to further beautify the dialog box. In addition, if you need to drag the dialog box effect, you need to load the jquery.ui.draggable.js for more information.

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