Jquery smart UI introduction (I)-pure HTM + JS Ajax development framework [demo released]

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Jquery smart UI is a jquery-based Ajax development framework that implements pre-and back-end separation, function and data separation. The UI Layer uses HTM + JS + JSON to complete all tasks, exchange data with the server through a unified data interface.

It consists of three parts:

  • A set of jquery plug-ins for daily applications (similar to jquery UI and jquery easyui). The core is based on the template. js template plug-in and has powerful custom functions.

    • A front-end development framework (JS and CSS) that meets various basic scenarios and has good encapsulation and scalability. The system automatically creates pages dynamically, interacts with the background, retrieves and assigns values, and other complex operations.


For example, in the query scenario, the query Condition Area, list area, and data formatting are dynamically generated through simple configuration and methods.

  • Background data framework (. NET) That is seamlessly integrated with smart UI ).
  1. Unified Data Interaction interfaces facilitate unified management and maintenance.
  2. Fncode method, permission control to each method.
  3. Based on the open-source framework [nbearlite], the "structured entity" is used to parse the front-end JSON data, avoiding the performance consumption of reflection and conversion of the ORM entity.
  4. Database operations enable read/write splitting by using different classes. Combined with "structured entities", data is automatically bound and sent back, making it easier to use.
  5. Multiple databases support and support multiple databases;

After several months of hard work, jquery smart UI has finally completed the first version. Let's give a brief introduction and release a complete demo tomorrow.


Note: All content is original. For details, refer to the source by jquery smart UI-Roy Zhang.

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