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Yesterday I briefly introduced jquery smart UI, and today I am releasing a demo.

In the demo, a simple corporate website is implemented to demonstrate the basic development functions of jquery smart UI, including some common scenarios, such: user Registration, product maintenance, news publishing, order management, customer management, permission control, and other functions.

Smart UI is HTM + JS, regardless of the background language, as long as the background data interface can be smart UI, but I only use. net, so only a complete. Net solution can be provided.

The demo is developed using vs2010, And the ACCESS database is used. The download version solution is vs2008. We recommend that you use vs2010 (good Smart Tips and htm, JS Code segment insertion) and install and share several jsparser & jsoutlining in vs2010 extensions. In addition,. net2.0 is also supported downward. All projects are output in Framework 2.0, but vs2005 is not available. If you need it, please switch the solution by yourself.

Two sets of demos are provided. One is the demo of this release and the other is the home page of smart UI (in building), which describes the use of various plug-ins and applications in various basic scenarios, there are also learning content and APIs, and smart UI websites.

Download blog

Demo download

Download vs2010

  • UI Layer Structure:

  • Display page

  • Code

Note: All content is original. For details, refer to the source by jquery smart UI-Roy Zhang.

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