JQuery UI Dialog Style setup issues

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  This article is mainly to jquery in the UI dialog the style of the problem of the design of a detailed analysis, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.

Recently in the use of a jquery UI dialog plug-ins, feel particularly powerful, but the style settings are more troublesome, studied two days finally finished.   Run Plug-ins, need the environment as follows   <script src= ". /.. /js/jquery-1.4.2.js "type=" Text/javascript "></script>   <script src=". /js/jquery.ui.js "type=" Text/javascript "></script>   <link href=" css/themes/redmond/ Jquery.ui.all.css "rel=" stylesheet "type=" Text/css "/>     JQUERY.UI.ALL.CSS for startup style CSS, open view with Firefox, The title of the floating layer is as follows,   <span id= "ui-dialog-title-divshow" class= "Ui-dialog-title" on "unselectable="- Moz-user-select:none; " > People a stop tip </span>   is actually a span, then according to this class Ui-dialog-title   we go to the official website of the CSS directory to find jquery.ui.dialog.css files Find Classui-dialog-title   This CSS style.   Ui-dialog. ui-dialog-title {font:62.5% "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif;font-weight:bold;float:left; margin:. 1em 16 px. 1em 0; HEIGHT:15PX}   Modify this CSS to achieve the head style of the floating layer we want.   Header background settings:   Ui-widget-header {border:1px solid #aaaaaa; background: #cccccc URL (images/ui-bg_highlight- Soft_75_cccccc_1x100.png) 50% 50% repeat-x; Color: #222222; Font-weight:bold;   can remove background picture settings to background color  . ui-widget-header {border:1px solid #aaaaaa; background-color:red; color: #222222; font -weight:bold;   about X and lower right corner icon settings:   icon. ui-icon {width:16px; height:16px; Background-image:url (images/ui-icons_222222_256x24 0.png); }  
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