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About ValidformValidform: one line of code completes form verification on the entire site! 1 [javascript] $ & lt; spanstyle & quot; color :# 009900 & quot; & gt; (& lt;/span & gt; & lt; spanstyle & quot; color: # 3366CC & quot; & gt; & quot ;. demofo about ValidformValidform: one line of code completes form verification on the entire site! 1 [javascript] $ (". demoform"). Validform (); why is it so convenient? The core idea of the plug-in is to bind all the verification conditions and verification prompts to each form element, let the verification code verify that the values of each element in the form are consistent with the bound verification conditions during execution, so that you can add or remove any form element without modifying the verification code, this makes the dream of using only one line of code to complete form verification on the entire site a reality! Function Description: You can bind a regular expression to the input file. You can customize the ype. The custom ype can be a regular or function, and the datatype can be accumulated or selected, you can even perform simple logical operations on the ype rule. Built-in 10 common formats for verification. You can customize the prompts to achieve any prompts you want. There are four built-in prompts: You can verify a certain area of a form or a specific form element separately, and you can choose to verify without displaying error information, you can also obtain a value to determine whether the detected object has been verified. You can easily cancel or restore the verification of a certain area or specific form Element in the form; powerful ajax functions enable real-time verification and form ajax submission. You can flexibly set parameters for ajax submission. Smart error message prompts: the corresponding error information is output according to the bound datatype. In addition, you can return specific error information in the Custom datatype. The html tag can be used in the error information, if no error message is displayed on the page, the tag is automatically created based on the tiptype value. You can choose not to prompt when there is no input or only to prompt when submitting the form. You can choose to prompt a single error at a time or display all error messages at a time. You can set the default prompt text by yourself. You can bind an event before the form detection and after the form detection is passed; the current version of the external adjustment plug-in can implement File Upload detection, password strength detection, date controls, and form beautification effects. A wide range of Validform object attributes and methods bring unlimited possibilities for your verification operations.
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