Jquery.cookie.js--jquery's Cookie Plugin

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A. js file

/*! * JQuery Cookie Plugin v1.4.1 *Https://github.com/carhartl/jquery-cookie* Copyright 2006, Klaus Hartl * released under the MIT license*/(function (factory) {if(typeofdefine = = ='function'&&define.amd) {//AMD (Register as an anonymous module)Define (['jquery'], factory); } Else if(typeofExports = = ='Object') {        //Node/commonjsModule.exports = Factory (Require ('jquery')); } Else {        //Browser GlobalsFactory (JQuery); }} (function ($) {varpluses =/\+/G; function encode (s) {returnConfig.raw?S:encodeuricomponent (s); } function decode (s) {returnConfig.raw?S:decodeuricomponent (s); } function Stringifycookievalue (value) {returnEncode (Config.json?json.stringify (value): String (value)); } function Parsecookievalue (s) {if(S.indexof ('"') ===0) {            //This was a quoted cookie as according to RFC2068, unescape ...s = S.slice (1, -1). Replace (/\\"/g, '"'). Replace (/\\\\/g,'\\');        }        Try {            //Replace server-side written pluses with spaces. //If We can ' t decode the cookie, ignore it, it ' s unusable. //If We can ' t parse the cookie, ignore it, it ' s unusable.s = decodeuricomponent (S.replace (pluses,' ')); returnConfig.json?Json.parse (s): s; } Catch(e) {}} function read (s, converter) {varValue = Config.raw?S:parsecookievalue (s); return$.isfunction (Converter)?Converter (value): value; }    varConfig = $.cookie =function (key, value, options) {//Write        if(Arguments.length >1&&!$.isfunction (value)) {Options=$.extend ({}, Config.defaults, options); if(typeofOptions.expires = = =' Number') {                vardays = options.expires, t = Options.expires =NewDate (); T.setmilliseconds (T.getmilliseconds ()+ Days * 864e+5); }            return(Document.cookie =[Encode (key),'=', Stringifycookievalue (value), Options.expires?'; expires='+ options.expires.toUTCString ():"',//Use expires attribute, Max-age isn't supported by IEOptions.path?'; path='+ Options.path:"', Options.domain?'; domain='+ Options.domain:"', Options.secure?'; secure':"'].join ("')); }        //Read        varresult = key?undefined: {},//To prevent the as loop in the first place assign an empty array//In case There is no cookies at all. Also prevents odd result when//calling $.cookie ().cookies = Document.cookie? Document.cookie.split ('; '): [], I=0, L=cookies.length;  for(; i < L; i++) {            varParts = Cookies[i].split ('='), name=Decode (Parts.shift ()), Cookie= Parts.join ('='); if(Key = = =name) {                //If second argument (value) is a function it ' s a converter ...result =Read (cookie, value);  Break; }            //Prevent Storing a cookie that we couldn ' t decode.            if(!key && (cookie = read (cookie))!==undefined) {Result[name]=cookies; }        }        returnresult;    }; Config.defaults= {}; $.removecookie=function (key, options) {//must not alter options, thus extending a fresh object ...$.cookie (Key,"', $.extend ({}, Options, {expires:-1 })); return!$.cookie (key); };}));

Ii. Description of Use

1. Introduction of JS file on the page

<script src= "Jquery.cookie.js" ></script><script src= "Jquery-1.11.1.min.js" ></script>

2. Write a cookie


$.cookie ("Write cookie name", "cookie value written", {


Path: "/",

Domain: "Address",



Parameter meaning:


Meaning: Validity period

Unit: Day

Writable values:

Number, write the number of times that this cookie is valid

Date object: Write a Date object directly as the cookie expires

Default: If you do not write or write null then the browser closes after the cookie is deleted

Path: The default is the page path that created the cookie

Domain: Name attribute, default is the page domain name that created the cookie

Secure: If true, the transfer of this cookie requires a security protocol such as HTTPS

3. Read cookies

notation: $.cookie ("read cookie name")

4. Delete Cookies

notation: $.cookie ("Deleted cookie name", NULL)

Parameter null: Represents the deletion of this cookie


Jquery.cookie.js--jquery's Cookie Plugin

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