Jquerynotes Imitation QQ space add tag

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Jquery-notes has the following features:

    • Support for adding notes images
    • A rich API
    • Support for markup scaling
    • Support for changing themes
    • Support for picture tagging add links
    • No database required


First place a picture on the page that adds a logo

<div class="samples-box clearfix"> 
    src="samples/sample_1.jpg  width="333" height="500" class="jquery-note_1-2" 
Introducing jquery and Jquery-notes related components
<!--[If LTE IE 8]>
<link rel= "stylesheet" title= "standard" href= "Jquery-notes_css/lteie8.css"
Type= "Text/css" media= "All"/>
<! [endif]-->
<script type="Text/javascript" src="Jquery-notes_js/jquery-ui.js">
<script type="Text/javascript" src="Jquery-notes_js/jquery-notes_1.0.8.js">
Calling the Jquery-notes plugin
$(function (){
         minwidth:  10% ',  
         minheight: 20,&NBSP;
         aspectratio: true, 
        helper:   Helper-class ',  
         allowlink: false, 
        dateformat:  D.m.y ',  
        operator:  jquery-notes_php/notes.php '  
Parameters Describe Default value
operator Remote Load list URL -
Maxnotes Maximum number of marks -
MinWidth Minimum Mark width -
MinHeight Minimum mark Height -
Allowadd Whether to allow tags to be added -
AllowEdit Whether to allow editing of tags -
AllowDelete Whether to allow deletion of tags -
AllowHide Whether to allow hidden markup -
Allowlink Whether to allow links to be added -
Loadnotes Whether to load tags -

Jquerynotes Imitation QQ space add tag

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