JRebel, jrebel5.5 cracking

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JRebel, jrebel5.5 cracking

JRebel is no stranger to many people.
After using JRebel, we found that this is indispensable for Java development.
Although its price is a bit of traffic fees during the Chinese New Year's Day, it is a robbery!

Even so, people with "sharing" Spirit provide crack, so...
I have money, I want to eat pizza> https://zeroturnaround.com/software/jrebel/buy/
I have no money, and I want to eat pizza.-> http://www.blogjava.net/xylz/archive/2013/09/15/404098.html.

Record the usage method. First, you need to get a... (I am also very poor)

If your computer is windows, take windows as an example.
Get an environment variable named REBEL_HOME and point it to the file directory.


The contents in the directory are as follows:



java -jar %REBEL_HOME%/jrebel.jar  

JRebel provides support for mainstream ides, but I really don't think it is particularly helpful.

If you need it, you can install it in marketplace of eclipse or JetBrain Plugins of IntelliJ IDEA.

Well, when it comes to IDEA plugin, I once clicked Install JetBrains Plugins because of network problems and didn't show me anything.

In this case, you can run the Install plugin from diskcommand next to it to download jr-ide-idea-5.6.1-idea13.zip.
If you find yourself poor after installation, you need to take out two items from the crack version-jrebel. jar and jrebel. lic and then go to. replace the file in IntelliJIdea13 \ config \ plugins \ jr-ide-idea \ lib \ jrebel.
Restart IntelliJ IDEA.
You can choose from run/debug configuration:

We can see two more buttons behind the previous run button:

In this way, you can start it through plugin.

You may like to use maven. install tomcat-maven-plugin and use tomcat: run to start the project.
For example, if m2e is used in eclipse, tomcat: run has been written in Goals.
In any case, the usage is basically started with the specified VM parameter,

Write parameters as needed.

-noverify -javaagent:D:\jrebel_5.6.0\jrebel.jar-Drebel.spring_plugin=true

Note that the-Drebel. springplugin parameter is supported in most frameworks and plug-ins in the form of <-Drebel. [pluginid] = false/true>.
For Spring Data, Spring Webflow, and SpringWS, additional parameters are required. SpringMVC does not.
In addition, for example, if Hibernate isHibernateplugin, and struts2 is struts2plugin.

Started successfully!

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