JS Advanced Front-end development Group plus Group description

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    • JS Advanced Front-end development Group plus Group description
        • I. Background of the article:
        • Two. Senior group:
        • Three. How to join:
        • Four. Description:
I. Background of the article:

Early last year to build a few groups, inadvertently fire, has been ranked in the "front-end development" keyword search results first. Of course, it is reasonable to achieve such results or such a result, on the one hand, the promotion of a variety of communication and communication methods are mostly correct and effective or recognized, on the other hand, so many people together, with everyone's participation in sharing is inseparable, especially the management of the group is the backbone of our soul spirit. In addition, in the domestic industry to advance the road, to do their humble ability to help others, lead the atmosphere, and then affect the industry, but also slightly gratified. Sometimes spiritual gains are more satisfying than matter. For many years, from a beginner, to an entry, and finally to a profession to do something for practitioners, all the way, harvest a lot, pay very little, this time also is a chance.
At the same time, there are many challenges or problems, on the one hand many people do not understand the atmosphere of the exchange, resulting in a lot of conflict. On the other hand, the quality or the topic of the direction of the grasp has not a clear direction, pondering the solution.

At the same time, there are many students asked me how to add senior group? What kind of people are there in the senior group? What questions are they talking about? What stage of the person enters the senior group?
On these questions, write an article and respond to it positively.

Two. Senior group:

Senior group inside 60% is a veteran of more than 5-10 years in the front-end or other positions of people organizations, in terms of the number of topics discussed, may not be the highest group, but the quality is relatively best. has been under the constraints of the group, formed a certain exchange of tacit understanding or discussion atmosphere, from all levels to respond to various problems. Due to the early construction of the group did not expect popularity will be so hot, there may be some small white users lurking in the high-level group, this has been draining into the entry group.

Now the distribution of the groups is this:
JS Advanced Front-end development group, JS Intermediate front-end development group, JS Primary front-end development Group, JS entry-level front-end development group.

    • JS entry-level front-end development group 327388215 : Popular said just getting started, what do not know, the whole industry lacks a rational knowledge, the lack of a serious professional planning of this part of the students.
    • JS Primary front-end development Group 389875212 : a year or so of work experience, understand the industry, career direction. With CSS,JS basic ability.
    • JS Intermediate front-end development group: 1-3 years front-end work experience, with a certain front-end development capabilities, can independently complete the development of each module task, with a certain amount of alternative leader forces.
    • JS Advanced Front-end development group: More than 3 years front-end work experience, with independent development of the front-end capabilities, have a certain experience, with the CTO candidate qualification. Of course there are deep JS Foundation, can be an exception invitation to enter.
    • JS Front-end Development Management Group: 5 years front-end work experience, with a certain front-end architecture capabilities, have a certain degree of management experience, can coordinate resources, balance the interests of all parties, control costs, the progress of the control project. Of course, as long as the speech is positive, it is possible to become a group of managers, leading the group within the Group learning Atmosphere, the control group within the direction of discussion. is a prospective CTO person.


    • The above groups of beginners, beginners group open to join, but also welcome to promote this group. JS Intermediate front-end development group, JS Advanced Front-end development group closed the normal add group entrance, by the group master Single direction invited to join.
    • Channeling groups are not recommended once the direct T is found. The purpose of this is to leave more opportunities to those in need.
Three. How to join:
    • This set of topics finished sending me QQ mailbox, after the approval of the rating of the invitation to enter.
    • If the recent busy no time, or do not like this way, there is a corresponding blog address, works linked to send me QQ mailbox, after the invitation to enter the audit.
    • Entered by an administrator invitation.
Four. Description:

My group is a high-quality and efficient front-end communication group, before joining carefully learn the group rules. It is not recommended to join the practice or disagree.

This is a GitHub public version, suitable for each other industry QQ group reference.

JS Advanced Front-end development Group plus Group description

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