JS and jquery get page size, scroll bar location, element location

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JS and jquery get page size, scroll bar position, element location

// Page location and window size

Function getpagesize (){
VaR scrw, scrh;
If (window. innerheight & window. scrollmaxy)
{// Mozilla
Scrw = Window. innerwidth + window. scrollmaxx;
Scrh = Window. innerheight + window. scrollmaxy;
Else if (document. Body. scrollheight> document. Body. offsetheight)
{// All but ie Mac
Scrw = Document. Body. scrollwidth;
Scrh = Document. Body. scrollheight;
} Else if (document. Body)
{// Ie Mac
Scrw = Document. Body. offsetwidth;
Scrh = Document. Body. offsetheight;
VaR winw, winh;
If (window. innerheight)
{// All bytes t IE
Winw = Window. innerwidth;
Winh = Window. innerheight;
} Else if (document.doc umentelement & document.doc umentelement. clientheight)
{// IE 6 strict Mode
Winw = document.doc umentelement. clientwidth;
Winh = document.doc umentelement. clientheight;
} Else if (document. Body) {// other
Winw = Document. Body. clientwidth;
Winh = Document. Body. clientheight;
} // For small pages with total size less then the viewport
VaR pagew = (scrw <winw )? Winw: scrw;
VaR pageh = (scrh <winh )? Winh: scrh;
Return {pagew: pagew, pageh: pageh, winw: winw, winh: winh };


// Scroll bar position
Function getpagescroll ()
VaR X, Y; If (window. pageyoffset)
{// All bytes t IE
Y = Window. pageyoffset;
X = Window. pagexoffset;
} Else if(document.doc umentelement & document.doc umentelement. scrolltop)
{// IE 6 strict
Y = document.doc umentelement. scrolltop;
X = document.doc umentelement. scrollleft;
} Else if (document. Body) {// all other IE
Y = Document. Body. scrolltop;
X = Document. Body. scrollleft;
Return {X: X, Y: y };



Get the height of the display area of the browser: $ (window). Height ();
Obtain the width of the display area of the browser: $ (window). Width ();
Get the document height on the page: $ (document). Height ();
Get the document width: $ (document). Width ();

Obtain the vertical height of the scroll bar to the top: $ (document). scrolltop ();
Obtain the vertical width of the scroll bar to the left: $ (document). scrollleft ();

Calculates the element position and offset.
The offset method is a useful method that returns the offset information of the first element in the packaging set. By default, it is the offset information relative to the body. The result contains the top and left attributes.
Offset (options, Results)
Options. relativeto specifies the ancestor element at the relative offset position. This element should be located by relative or absolute. If this parameter is omitted, it is relative to the body.
Options. Does scroll include the scroll bar? The default value is true.
Options. whether to include padding. The default value is false.
Options. Whether margin is included. The default value is true.
Options. Border determines whether to include the border. The default value is true.

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