JS Basic Knowledge Point Review

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JavaScript: Basic syntax: basically consistent with C # syntax, type conversion: var a= parseint (value): var b = parsefloat (value);

IsNaN (value): Determines whether it is a number, is return false is not return true;

Function method:

// has a return value:  <script >             var ccc =  test1 (5,6);         Alert (CCC);       function  Test1 (b) {   var c = A  +B;  Renturn  C;}   </script>
// no return value    <script >              test1 ();       function  test1 () {     alert ('Hello word');}       </script>

JavaScript DOM:

Windows objects:

window.open () window.close () Window.opener window.setinterval ()/window.settimeout ();

Adjustment page: window.navigate ("url");   Window.moverto (x, y); Window.resizeto (Wid.hei); Window.scrollto (x, y);

window.open ();:

<input type="button" value=" pushbutton 1" id="btn1  "/>;
<script>varOBTN1 = document.getElementById ("BTN1"); Obtn1.onclick=function () {window.open ("default2.aspx","_blank","width=400 height=400 left="+ ((window.screen.width/2)- $)+"top=""+ ((WINDOW.SCREEN.HEIGHT/2) -200) +");//Window.screen.width is the width of the screen}  varOBTN2 = document.getElementById ("btn2"); Obtn2.onclick=function () {a.close ();} Obtn1.onclick=function () {Window.scrollto (0, $);}//downward to 200. Equivalent to anchor Point//Close the parent window widow.opener.close ();</script>

Window.history object:

Window.history.back ();  Window.history.forward ();   Window.history.go (n); Put a positive number forward a page, put negative numbers back a page;

Window.location object:

window.location.href= "url";  Jump page and window.open (); But the browser won't block him, and the Open browser will block it; It also gets the address of the current page;

Window.document object:

Get object:

<script>    document.getElementById ("ID")    Document.getelementsbyclassname ("class")    document.getelementsbyname (  "name")    document.getelementsbytagname ("  Mark ")</script>

Action Object Properties:

Add property: Object. SetAttribute ("name", "value");

Remove attribute: Object. removeattribute ("name");

Gets the property value: Object. getattribute ("name");

Manipulating Object content:

object. Innerhtml= ""/object. InnerText = "";

innerHTML will compile the code that is written in it, and the text will show you what you are writing and will not compile.

Common elements:

Remove content: Object. innerhtml= ""/inner. Text= ""

Get content: Object. InnerHTML

JS Basic Knowledge Point Review

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