JS Basic Learning Finishing

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  A lot of people say JS In fact, it is very difficult, but it is also very important, this sentence is actually a bit true, like these days of learning JS Foundation, the beginning of basic learning is a framework and simple algorithm thought has been raised a very difficult class, for like me this kind of mathematical thinking is not very good people, in fact, is a challenge, but no one is born, although our algorithm thinking is not very good, but, Hope that in more practice to find this type of solution, others knock three, we can knock five, only hope in more practice to overcome this difficulty, slowly to cultivate this algorithm thought.

I learned it three days before. JS course, in fact, the more difficult is the cycle, many times how to construct the loop body, how to define his parameters and constraints, is a relatively big difficulty, but after these types of exercises, they also have a relatively basic concept, a simple framework learned, The following is actually how to improve the framework.

The basic study of these days to do a small summary, but also a better review and review, but also hope that they can pay more efforts to learn, until After JS is over, you can write one or two more standard technical stickers to review.


JS Basic Learning Finishing

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