Js--bom object: Borswer Object Model Explorer

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BOM object: Borswer Object Model Explorer
Navigator getting the client's information (browser information)
Navigator.appname; Get the name of the browser

window: Windows object
alert (); pop-up box
Confirm (msg); confirmation box
Prompt (hint message, defaulttext): Input Box
Open ("Opened new window address URL", "", "window features, such as window width and height");
window.open ("hello.html", "" "," width=200,height=100 ");
Close (); Closing window compatibility is poor
Do timer use
*setinterval ("JS code", milliseconds); 1 seconds =1000 milliseconds
Window.setinterval ("alert (a)", 3000), the JS method is executed every 3 seconds

*settimeout ("JS Code", number of milliseconds), executed after the specified number of milliseconds, but only once
SetTimeOut ("alert (' abc ')", 3000); Indicates that the alert method is executed after 3 seconds

*clearinterval (Id_of_setinterval): Clears the SetInterval set timer
*cleartimeout (id_of_settimeout): Clears the SetTimeOut set timer
Screen: Get information about the screens
Screen.width; Get the width of the screen
Screen.height: Get high on the screen

Location: Request URL Address
location.href; Gets the URL address of the current request
Location.href= ""; Set the URL address of the request

History: The historical record of the requested URL
To the previous page of the visit
History.back ();
History.go (-1);
To the next page of the visit
History.forward ();
History.go (1);

Js--bom object: Borswer Object Model Explorer

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